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Old 03-08-2013, 12:14 PM   #671 
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Watch the documentary "Behind the Myth" and educate yourself.
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Originally Posted by kevinbacon View Post
Want to know what (statistically speaking) is the most temperamental breed of dog? The dachshund. They bite more people every year than any other breed of dog. You know why you never see it in the news? Because they're tiny, and really can't do a ton of damage. News casters know that stories like dog bite stories do faaaar better when they are able to evoke fear in the reader. Dachshunds aren't scary.... But you know what breed is?

Not Golden retrievers, America's family pet, who ranks rather high on the list of most dog attack instances in the US. No, think scarier: Pit Bulls.

If people would just stop being stupid and look at the statistics and the temperament of individual dogs instead of being - lets face it, RACIST - and judging an entire breed of dogs by the actions of few based on information obtained from biased sources then maybe they would realize that these dogs are fantastic, loving family pets.

They were once called the Nanny dog for a reason - they're very gentle and great with kids. Dogs, no matter the breed, are what you raise them to be. You mistreat them, abuse and neglect them, don't socialize them... you're going to get a vicious dog, whether its a pit or a chihuahua.
This is absolutely correct. Unfortunately the media has done the damage to the breed and changing people's minds is rather difficult at this point. Anything feeding positive facts is just seen as an obsessive pit person and they don't pay them any mind.
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Old 03-09-2013, 05:26 AM   #673 
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The problem with bite statistics is they are horribly skewed and inaccurate. The only way they will show a true indication of aggression by breed is if EVERY bite was reported. If they were, all those "Top 10 most aggressive dog breed" lists would have to be redone.

I am definitely more wary of smaller breeds then I am larger breeds. Yes, larger breeds can do more damage, but any size dog can be dangerous if they land a bite in the right place. Smaller dogs are often underestimated and babied because of their size and cuteness. As a result, they are often poorly trained and socialised and more likely to be allowed to get away with bad behaviour.

I'm currently studying in the veterinary field and you wanna know the breed that I hear the most negative feedback about from vets and vet techs? Chihuahua's.

We definitely use the smaller muzzles far more often than the larger ones.
We have a large family, lots of neices and nephews and everyone has their own dogs. Rottweilers, staffies, pit mixes, bulldogs, bullmastiffs and pomeranians. The pom's are the only two dogs out of all of them that have ever snapped and landed a bite on any of the kids - both on the face, no less.

The sad fact is that people are generally ignorant about a dog's body language and we try so hard to humanize them and treat them like our babies. They are dogs, they behave like dogs, they communicate like dogs and no amount of cutesy talk and babying will change that.

I hate it when I hear "I don't know why he/she snapped. It happened out of nowhere!"

Most likely it didn't happen out of just didn't pick up on what the dog was trying to say and biting was it's last effort to communicate.
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Old 03-09-2013, 06:23 AM   #674 
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Where I work there is a reddish pit who is very agressive and will attack anyone that comes near with his tongue. I know he got loose once and attacked me with that big wet slobbery appendage. There's also a muscular white pit that looks fit for fighting that appears in front the coffee shop. He's afraid of pomeranians and cries underneigth the newspaper boxes till his owner comes out with his morning coffee.

Then you go to my neighborhood where i live and that all changes. The differance is how they were taken care of. By where I work is Huntington Beach it is well known to be a dog friendly area with people who love their dogs. Where I live is considered Little Mexico and that's all I will say on that.

If you ask me the only turely agressive dog are the ankle biters. Can you imagine with the attitude some of those dogs especially Chihuahuas where the size of the pit?

Dogs are what we make them out to be. I would never hate a pit because it was a pit. However I would hate an owner for what he did to his dog. Yes, I know, sometimes dogs have you know their quirks but it's up to owners to be responsible.
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Old 04-05-2013, 03:18 PM   #675 
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According to the AKC, Boxers were originally used for dog fighting. Yet right here right now their viewed as much as a family dog as the Labrador is. You see what proper handling and breeding can do? The boxer is one of the proofs.
Boxer Page
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Old 04-05-2013, 04:54 PM   #676 
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The problem is on the other end of the leash. The human. These dogs were used to watch children long ago before do fighting. Today I saw 2 little girls, one 7ish the other around 4 playing with their pit in the backyard. The little one was pulling on his tail and he just stood there annoyed but not harming them. They get a bad rap and that is because of BAD BREEDERS. Pits can be aggressive if they were bred that way. Blue's have become more and more aggressive as they are being bred for color and not temperament. The most aggressive dog I have EVER come across: My friend's 3 lb chihuahua. The second most, Bernese Mountain Dog. The friendliest: A pitbull who would bite when you were playing and she accidentally grabbed your hand and a rottweiler who is very territorial but will kill you with kisses on walks.

I have seen hundreds of dogs and me being me ask to pet mos of them. 90% of the dogs I can't pet due to aggression are the little ones (I had to stand 3 feet back in one line to avoid being bitten), 5% go to "New dog I don't know how s/he'll react", 4% go to "s/he's really scared right now" and 1% has been to aggressive big dogs. Mostly sharpei and cane corso although those get bad reps in themselves.
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Old 04-06-2013, 06:30 AM   #677 
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Some "So True!" Pics

But pitbulls need to be blamed not the beloved Labrador. I totally agree. People irk me. It would take me days to right how stupid people are.

Last one for now
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Old 04-07-2013, 10:39 AM   #678 
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Eventually people will realize that this agenda, just like every single other one that is spammed constantly on the media channels, is to either:
A.) Reduce the American people's rights as citizens
B.) To make money
C.) To get elected (which goes hand-in-hand with B)

The sooner The People realize their emotions are being tossed around and used like pawns by the government (its important to know the government completely controls the media) the sooner we can all get along.

Also statistics mean nothing. I've taken several statistics classes in college and the main thing I took away from it was that you can basically make them out to whatever you want them to be in the end.

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Yes that's true but most statistics say that pitbulls are on the low end of bites however it is often that they have more severe bites. It's just because they have strong muscles.
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Old 04-07-2013, 10:53 AM   #680 
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I actually have a dog training book from the 80's that states that German Shepherds bite the most people by far (females especially).
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