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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since my last post, but I just wanted to get some feedback -- after finishing the API Triple Sulfa, moving Occipital into the 5gal tank with a dedicated heater set at 82, treating him with a course of API Tetracycline, and then [eventually] cycling the tank, he still hasn't gotten better! If anything, his fins have gotten worse...

I noticed that the Triple Sulfa wasn't doing anything, so I went to pick up some Tetracycline instead. We took out the carbon filter and did water changes as directed on the packet instructions. Predictably, it turned the water yellow and all, but for the first few days, Occipital showed some improvement. Some of his fins began to heal, and he was a little more active.

Unfortunately, he also stopped eating regularly once we started the Tetracycline. After the course finished about a week ago, his fins resumed rotting, and now there are tears / splits not only in the ventral fin, but also his caudal and dorsal fins. The ends of his fins are also now fraying, and some parts have been completely eaten away. I want to restart the Tetracycline, but he barely ate when he was on it (one or two pellets every other day), and now he refuses to eat anything at all, even though we've been trying to feed him 3 times a day.

He's still fairly active--darts around a lot when we approach to feed him and spends at least half of his time swimming around--but he also lists off to the side, floating, at times. We've been changing his water (50-75%) every day, and his water parameters look good.

Any thoughts on what to do? It feels like he's really reaching the end =(
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Is triple sulfa bacterial or parasitic medication? You probably want something for parasites if he is darting around.
Stopping eating is a bad sign, so I don't know how much you'll be
Able to do for him, but try soaking his pellets in garlic juice or get some frozen brine and see if either of those make him more interested.
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You can cycle under 5 gal. I have cycled more then 1 2.5 gal. Now can you cycle a 1 gal? I don't know but I have cycled a tank that is less then 1 gal maybe .8 or so. I do agree though that he needs less current.
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