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Starting an NPT

So my Dominic came with a little bowl about half gallon maybe and I want to start an aquascape in it. My plan would be to pick up some little plants at PetCo Friday. I don't know what kind though. I want to add in 1 oto cat and some java moss to start it with. It would get full sun in the day sitting in my window.

Is this okay? Would he oto work or should I just use 2-3 shrimp? Can I get tips of what I should get like plants, fertilizer, etc?
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In a .5 gal you should have nothing but the Betta, and even that might be too much... Otos need a minimum of four of their species to thrive and you need to have a bunch of algae and be able to figure out a way to get them to eat more when the algae runs out... And most plants would all outgrow a little tank like that almost immediately. But hey, I could be wrong. Someone else may have a more accurate opinion.
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i have a roughly .8 gal cube and i can barely fit anything in there, in terms of NPT, i reckon there wont be much space after the substrate of soil has been placed as you do need a fair amount as a bottom layer.

I'm still doing my research and learning so i can plan my next tank so i might be wrong.
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Location: Florida
Oh there isn't a betta in there! Looking at it closer it's maybe .25? I'm going to keep shrimp in there for a while and then give the tank to one of my teachers who really likes plants. It's about 6 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter.I was going to add some frogbit and duckweed. Some "Driftwood" made from roots of some plant I'll find and basically a mini-tank of plants. I just need to know what to add. I will use dirt from my yard topped with some small natural pebbles. Frog bit to float and I might add one or two MTS snails. I have some floaty plants that I will trim and plant and maybe java moss but I want something that's kinda feathery like hornwort but more so.

What plants should I add?
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