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Color Genetic Questions

I'm curious to test my knowledge of betta genetics- I know I'll probably mess up somewhere, please tell me if I'm wrong!

Assuming all starting fish are true bred-

Salamander BF x Salamander BF = 100% Salamander BF

If you crossed the Salamander BF with a superblack female (not melano)- would you get 100% Salamander BF, since black is recessive and both red and BF are dominant?

If you crossed the Salamander BF with a blue- would the blue take over the red of the salamander? Or would you have a mix of color? (I'm not sure what would happen here, I'm assuming blue would show up since its dominant and the top layer) Would they still be butterflied since BF is a dominant gene?

There's so much to learn and not nearly enough time! I really want to type up and print a booklet to be able to refer to, so that I know what the outcomes will be. I've found quite a bit of information on the internet, just nothing that is broken down as much as i need it.
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IME salamander x salamander doesn't produce 100% salamander. It's like white x white doesn't produce 100% white . . . . most colors created by certain mutation combination will not (as far as I know) produce 100% of that color. You will always have a few color genetic "break downs". So salamander x salamander = various shades of red-blue combo and salamander, and cambodian.

Salamander x SB = mixed colors ranging from blue-red (or vise versa), black red, black blue (orchid)
Salamander x blue = mixed red and blue combinations, cambodian like colors

*** ALL the above probabilities are "in the least" . . . there may be other colors as well.

Breed a butterfly to a non butterfly; you will always have butterflies.
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