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What happened?

Hey there!

I just lost a Betta that I'd had for over three years a few weeks ago...I'm pretty sure it was dropsy, because he did the whole blowing-up-like-a-balloon/pineconing thing. He seemed pretty happy and healthy prior to that, except that he wasn't as active as when he was younger, but he would swim around for food or if my cat came to say hi (his tank has a lid!)

So I got a new one two days ago (after I washed the tank out with epsom salts acclimated the room temp, treated the water)... he looked great in the pet store, very bright blue, active, etc. He looked fine yesterday, but today I found him dead. There was a white spot on his belly, he looked paler overall, his eyes were white, his fins looked like they had fallen apart (when I scooped him out, they seemed to be somewhat falling apart). There are also a few pellets of food floating at the top of the tank looking really fuzzy.

I would like to get a new fish...but will the same thing happen? Slash, how can I make sure the same thing doesn't happen?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Change bowls most likely I think bacteria in bowl make sure o use new gravel.
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Sounds like you did something right with your previous Betta, as you had him for 3 years.

I'm sorry your new guy didn't make it. Sometimes, new fish don't survive. They are stressed by shipping, are put in tiny cups that are cold and have high levels of ammonia, etc. So their immune systems become overloaded, and they get sick.....

The "fuzziness" sounds, to me, like a bacterial issue. I would wash the tank with dilute bleach, rinse VERY well, then air dry the tank outside for a few days. Sunlight's UV light is great at killing bacteria. When you refill the tank, add extra water conditioner.

What else was in the tank? You can wash decorations with hot water and air dry, if you can't bleach them.

Dilute bleach will kill all bacteria except Mycobacteria. Drying everything for several days will also kill everything except Myco. But the "fuzziness" sounds to me like it could have been Columnaris, which is killed by bleach.

Do you have a filter in the tank?
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Little Blue covered just about everything, except I'd also add to get rid of the gravel. Gravel is just too hard to get really, truly clean, and it harbors bacteria like nobody's business.

Sorry for your loss! :(
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