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Repashy Food Experiments

Hi everybody!

I got interested in feeding Repashy, and bought a sample online so I could try it out. I thought I would detail my experiments with it here, in case anyone else is interested.

1. I got the "Meat Pie" mix, which seems most appropriate for bettas.

2. Mixed 1/4 c. with 3/4 c. boiling water, as instructed. Then I poured it into a long shallow plastic container to set up. Once set, it is easy to handle. The consistency is definitely solid, but not like a rubber ball. So far, so good.

3. Brought some into the office to try it out with the three boys.


Getting the size right for bettas is a challenge. I kept making balls that were too big. Next time, I think I will make the food in a block, freeze it, and then grate it into flakes. Hopefully that will help with the size issue.

Repashy sinks. One of my guys really doesn't get that food that has sunk still is food. Two of them went after it and ate it once it was on the bottom. Happily, it takes around 12 hours for this stuff to start to break down, so I am leaving it in the tank until later today. Hopefully, Mr. Clueless figures it out. There are ways to mix it and set it on things that float. Frankly, with only one fish to feed per tank, this seems like a pain in the neck. I would definitely do this for a community tank.

Most importantly, although my guys are VERY enthusiastic about NLS, they went wild for this stuff. Amazing response.

If can work out the size issue, I will be switching over. Nothing wrong with NLS or Omega, but I feel a lot better about feeding food that isn't in dried form. Worked as a vet tech for awhile, and the number of problems from dry diets is really shocking. Some of that is the quality issue, but it is just something I avoid with my animals now.

Ask any questions if you have them! I will be happy to answer what I can.
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Nicci Lu
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I thought I would add just a bit, since I, too, just got some of the meat pie.

I also had problems getting it into small enough pieces. My betta went for it eagerly as it fell to the bottom, but ended up spitting out some of each bite. Since he kept trying to eat it, I am assuming then that the pieces were just too big. VJM, I like the idea of freezing and grating it. I'll have to try that. If I come up with another way of getting it small enough, I'll post it.

EDIT: Just remembered, when I froze the Super Green formula and then tried to cut it, it flaked off in pieces. Grating might not be necessary. I'm going to try freezing it and giving it a good whack.

Also, my corys love this stuff, and since it sinks, it's perfect for bottom feeders. My betta decided to hover over their portion and Smaug it dragon-style. The only time he'll eat food off the bottom is when the Baldwins (my corys) are eating it.

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