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Male Betta Has Ich: How Do I Prevent Fry From Getting Sick?

My male Betta had little white spots on his head, so I knew it was ich. I went to the store and got some medicine, changed the water and treated him. Then I gave him some extra blood worms to build up his strength.

I haven't had a fish get ich in probably over a decade, so this is quite a shock to me. I imagine maybe his weakened system due to the spawning could have played a part or it could have been from my lack of changing the water enough...Idk.

The issue is though, I am concerned about the fry. I had shared a siphon a couple days ago between the male tank and the fry tank, so I am worried that ich might have been transferred.

My question is, should I take preventive measures and clean and medicate the fry tank just in case??

I have already stopped sharing equipment between tanks now.
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turn up the temps. fry are happy in up to 90F... a temp that will easily kill ich
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