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Swim Bladder Disease?

My new betta seems to have trouble swimming, like he is dragging himself along. I have him in a planted 1 gal for now, heated to 76. He's eaten a little bloodworm and a little bit of pea. Any ideas?
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I will quote my own post in another thread:
Originally Posted by Twixies View Post
DO NOT FEED HIM PEAS! Bettas are carnivores and do not eat plants. You can try frozen daphnia, it helps with constipation. What kind of pellets do you feed your fish? Often times, that's the problem, a lot of food has a lot of filters in it, the most recommended brands are Omega One or New Life Spectrum, they have less filters and more meat.

From DarkMoon17:
Swim Bladder Disease (SBD)/Bloat
•Symptoms: Betta has trouble swimming, maybe he can’t stay upright and can only swim on his side.
•Treatment: This is not a contagious or fatal illness. If it isn’t congenital (aka a condition that he/she has had since birth), then it is caused by over feeding or feeding the wrong foods. Bettas will typically recover after a day or two of Epsom Salt treatments (1-2tsp/gal) and fasting. You can help prevent a reoccurrence by switching to a better pellet food, feeding less and offering a more varied diet. To make it easier for the betta to eat and breath, you can make the water shallower. You can offer him/her frozen daphnia (sold at Petsmart) as daphnia will help him/her pass stool. DO NOT FEED THEM PEAS.

Oh yea, keep him in a container with a bare bottom so you can see if he's pooping
Don't forget to keep up with water changes~
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Thank you, I will fast him. I put in some more plants for him to rest on. I don't have any epsom salt, just table salt.

ETA- I plan on changing out a few cups of water everyday.

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