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Help. new betta fish owner. fin rot?

I got my fish as a present for my daughter on Monday and I'm new to this. I thought getting a beta would be simple, feed it and clean it, that's it. I was wrong. I've learned a lot but need to know if my fish is ok and what to do. He hasn't eaten. I've tried pellets and flakes but won't eat either. I bought a heater and cleaned out his water already. Sunday I'm getting a 10 gallon with a filter but right now he's in a gallon tank. Temp stays around 78. Yesterday he had something hanging from his belly but it's fallen off (assuming it was waste) but today I've noticed white slimy stuff on the edges of his fins and isn't moving around a lot. When he does it looks like he's dragging. He's fins also look like they are fraying? Also I had a plastic plant in the tank but took it out because I read they could hurt their fins on it. He's been making bubble nets so I thought that was a good sign but I'm worried. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Betta fish have their anus in between their pelvic fin's so what you saw was waste, their huge fins would be in the way if it was further back along the body.

Do you have a picture of your new little man? It helps a great deal with identifying the problem.
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Heres a couple of pictures I could get.
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I believe that's his tail colors, which are often hidden if he's unhappy or unhealthy, but if he's showing it, it's a good sign (I learned this because I have the similar looking betta with the same colors), some fish actually "sleep" like that, so I don't think there's a problem, I know he looks dead doesn't he? [Edit]: Oh wait, the picture is just sideways isn't it...

Oh and don't feed him flakes, it dirties the water and I don't think bettas like flakes

It's not fin rot for sure

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

1) Fin Rot: Yes, he might have some fin rot. This is probably due to high ammonia levels in his cup while he was at the store. The best way to treat fin rot is with lots of warm, clean water. If you can provide that, it should heal up. If it doesn't get better soon, let us know, and we'll give you additional advice.

2) Temperature: A temp of 78F is just fine.

3) Eating: A lot of new bettas won't eat for the first few days. Don't worry about it. Simply offer him a pellet. If he doesn't eat it, remove it so it doesn't foul the water. Then try to feed him later on. He should start to eat in a few days. If he doesn't, let us know.

4) Pooping: Yes, the thing hanging from his belly was probably poop. It's usually red-brown in color. (But can vary, depending on diet.)

5) Slimy stuff on fins: I do see some white in the picture. But is it slimy? Or fuzzy? Has it gotten better, worse, or is it staying the same.

6) Lethargy: How did you acclimate (introduce) him into the tank? It's a good idea to introduce them to their new tank slowly, so their systems aren't shocked by the different water chemistry.

7) Bubble nests: Bubble nests don't necessarily indicate 'happiness' or 'sadness.' They're built by male bettas in order to attract a female. Many fish also build them when storms are about to go through the area! They're pretty cool, aren't they?

8) Plastic and Silk plants: Yes, they can tear their fins on plastic plants. You can use soft ones though. If you have a pair of panty hose, pull it over the plant. If it snags the hose, there's a chance it could snag and tear his fins. Toss it..... If it doesn't snag, then it can be safe. It's your call on whether to use them or not, though!... Another option is silk plants. They're available at petstores and online.

OK, I think I've covered everything! Let us know whether the 'slime' on his fins is slimy or fuzzy. They mean different things. How is he doing tonight?
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