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Smile First Time Help?

Hi there!

I'm planning on getting some things today for my first ever planted tank! :D I'm super excited however I'm confused over a few things.

At the moment I've read the sticky about how to do a natural planted tank and I believe my shopping list looks like this: 1 ten gallon tank kit, new lights for said kit, 2 Bettas (This might happen a little later), Plants, Snail and shrimp? And a few hiding places/decorations.

With that I have a few questions about setting this up:
1. Are the "Hardscaping" things that OFL talks about things like "decorations"/hiding places?
2. How many of each plant do I need? I know the sticky says to make sure you have the right amount, but what is the right amount?
3. Is the snail(s)/shrimp necessary and if so how many should I get once again? and what kinds would be best to get?
4. Is there any other options than a naturally planted tank? Just wondering : D If so any guides to them?

Thank you guy so much! <3

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1. yep
2. only if you are doing a natural planted tank, you should get enough plants to spread out over atleast 70% of your substrate space.

3. Snails are not really neccessary... you can manually poke the sand (if you are capping with sand)

4. Ofcourse you don't have to do a NPT ^_^, yoi can also go along with normal sand or gravel, or even other substrates such as flourite, eco complete, floramax or aquasoil

I might get a Non Npt guide up soon. lol
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1. I think she was mainly referring to natural items like rocks and driftwood. That doesn't mean you can only use those.

2. Get a lot of fast growing plants, especially stem plants. Then, be prepared for at least some of them to "melt" before recovering.

3. Nope, but if you get a snail, get a nerite. It won't make 8000 more snails.

4. For planted tanks, you either go with an inert substrate (sand, gravel) and put in root tabs and liquid fertilizer, or you have a nutritive substrate (potting mix, topsoil). Plants that aren't root feeders may still need fertilizers at some point.

If you aren't sure if you need more plants, get more plants. Bettas love jungly tanks.

Good luck, and don't forget pictures for all of us!
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Awesome! Thank you guys so much! I'm super excited to try it out and when I do I'm definitely going to put some pictures up maybe a log or sorts on here. :] I'm going to wait a few weeks to get some money in order but when I do I'll post!

And I agree about getting a non-NPT guide up. :D
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