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Talking Figured might as well say Hi?

Hello. I have had many betta's in my past. Currently I have non, however I do have there cousins the dwarf Gourami lol ( don't ask me ware I read the info that they were related I can't quite remember but I do know it wasn't wiki.)

I had a betta named Henry he was a green walmart betta that I had for several years. I had trained him to do tricks. He was very smart and very food motivated lol. He died though sadly when we couldn't afford heat for a month, the house got to cold and he finally froze to death. I cried for days I was about 13 then. Any way...

I love a little creatures big and small. Save spiders and poisonous snakes.

Any way, I have a lot of Platy fry, some possible cherry barb fry and a whole lot of plant offspring.

I have in my display tank. 34 gallons, and nicely set up I might add.
A male and female Cherry barb, Male and female platy ( f is a sunset faded micky, M is a red and black burst tux dwarf), Two peppered cory cats, Male and Female Dwarf wild colored Gourami's, two up side down catfish, male and female Dandio ( both long fin one is gold).

I plan on adding a few more fish to that line up. I gravel vac my tank twice a week with a ten percent water change and a 50 percent every week. So I shouldn't have an issues if my grandmother pushes to have a few extra fish added lol.

The names of my fish ( yes I can tell them all apart thanks to markings and or genders).

My corry cats are Cory and Max ( Corry has a non lethal deformity of the eye,he also likes to jump when I put him in the tub, silly fish all most kicked the bucket because he wanted to see ware i went., Max is the runt of fishdom.)
Up side down cats are squirt and Squeaky ( Squeaky was bought first, was lonely so we got squirt. Who was so small I was afraid he might get eaten, was also a rescue from walmart as the Chinese sucker fish had his fins chewed to the stubs.)
F Gourami Rosy ( walmart rescue, was looking pale and had a slight bought of ick)
M Gourami Dc who ( was the poor fish getting picked on at petco because hes a shy little boy(( well hes not little anymore lol))
M cherry barb Blood ( walmart rescue was homed with mean Rose barbs that had battered him up a bit)
F cherry barb Blossom ( got her with blood, at first I wasn't sure if Blood was a boy because she seemed more red them him)
F Platy Hex ( rescue from you guessed it walmart, was in poor water quality no tank light, and scrammed conditions)
M platy Void ( the only healthy fish in that tank with Hex)
M Danio ( hes the gold one) Goldy ( Got from petco, with four other danios one broke its jaw ramming against the glass after a blood worm, so I had to put the poor fish down, two while cleaning the tank committed suicide jumps, this fish did too, but I found him in time.)
F Danio stripes ( same back story as Goldy right down to finding her in time.)

My fry are nameless but the smallest fish in there. His or her name is lucky. I rescued it from the main tank with some hungry adult fish lurking by.

I love art and I love plants.
I currently have Hornwort and Water sprite. I have boat loads of it, because apparently I am really good at growing it while trying to restrict its growth lol

Friendly person feel free to chat me up about fishes/ plants/ books/ you name it.

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I see no one said welcome so I might as well! Welcome to!
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