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Old 04-14-2013, 01:24 PM   #21 
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My cats watch my fish but don't bother with them. To be completely honest, if you are worried about a cat scratching you or your grandma, get an older cat. Even my cat who DOES know she has claws, never puts them out when she is being held. Kittens will scratch though because they just don't know any better. Please do your research before you get a cat and declaw it.
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I definitely know how you feel. 11 years ago, I lost my best friend. She was a poodle too. She was always really loyal and obedient and you could take her for walks without a leash. My dad was packing our car to go on a trip back home after visiting my grandparents, and something just happened in her that made her run across the street right as a truck was passing by. It was really hard on me, especially because I had just lost my grandma too, who was my best friend. I lost both of my best friends and it was the hardest time in my life. I was only 7 too. We got a Maltese soon after, and she was meant to replace my poodle, but she didn't. I never bonded with her like I did with my poodle.

The only other pet I've ever had that I've bonded with like I did with my poodle was my cat. We had to give him away for some dumb reason, which upset me just as much as it did when I lost my dog. Personally, I like cats more than I like dogs. Cats are less trouble when it comes to care. Dogs need to be groomed and let outside. Cats can stay inside and just need to be played with and need their litter box cleaned.

I will say I'm VERY anti-declawing. Declawing can cause a lot of issues in a cat. Once they're declawed, they sometimes stop using the litter box because standing on the litter hurts their paws too much. Walking hurts too. Kittens scratch and use their claws simply because they don't know better. Older cats soft-paw when playing, meaning their claws don't come out. The only time you have to worry about claws is when they feel in danger. Also, if you declaw the cat, it might resort to biting if it feels in danger. Biting hurts a lot worse than scratching does, trust me. I would get an older cat from a shelter, and just buy scratching posts and cat nip to put on the scratching posts, so the cat would be more drawn to it. Also getting them fixed and playing with them a lot would probably help with the scratching thing. They'll be a lot more calm.
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I think a cat would be good. I'm actually getting a kitten soon and he'll be declawed like my current cat. He has nothing wrong with him in being declawed, he doesn't even remember having them. He even still using a scratching post! I think as long as they have a loving, caring home, declawing isn't the worst thing you could do.
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Sounds to me like you should just get another dog. You are worried about the cat getting your fish, scratching your grandma, and by the way if they sleep with you almost all cats attack your toes at one point of another XD
Do not declaw a cat! It is horrible and I highly recommend against it. There are many dangers that come with it and like said earlier since it can not use its claws it will bite. That you are more likely to get hurt from then scratches. Claws were given to a cat because it needed them, so why take them away? Just get a dog, it is not a replacement for Sissy it is a new family member.
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Old 04-15-2013, 11:52 AM   #25 
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Location: Eagan, Minnesota
On another note, if you are set on getting a cat and declawing it, why not adopt one from a shelter that is already declawed? They need homes too!
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I'm sorry for your loss of Sissy.
The dog I've had my whole life is really old and may be going this year. It's very painful to think about
I'm sure Sissy loved you too, and were happy you were her loving owner.
She lived a nice long life too, so it's obvious you were a great home!
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