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Anyone ever use Stability or SafeStart

As the title says has anyone ever used seachem's Stability or Tetra's safe start?
I was planning on starting one of two things this summer. A 20-30 gal long sorority NPT.
Or a 40 gal breeder with whatever...
If I decided to start ether of these I would want a fishless cycle, however I have heard of these making the cycle move much faster.
*Also on the topic of sororities has anyone used dividers to introduce them?
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Reference Team
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Seachem Stability was the biggest waste of money. It did nothing for my cycle and one of my bettas got really sick while I was using it because my ammonia spiked.

Honestly, most of these bacterial supplements are junk. There are a couple that may actually work but unless they have been transported and stored correctly from day one of leaving the factory (I believe the real ones must be refrigerated), they are going to be pretty useless.

With a NPT you may not even need to cycle in the traditional sense. Your plants can utilise an amazing amount of ammonia (aquarium plants prefer ammonia over nitrate) and so you may never get any readings if you are stocking appropriately.

I do not like bacteria in a bottle, because sometimes they contain the wrong bacteria that will outcompete the actual good bacteria in the initial stages and then die off because they are not actually meant to live in water. This can cause issues with how the cycle progresses and so I much prefer just using straight ammonia and nothing else.
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I used Stability and it worked for me. Then again I had seeded media from my LFS's established planted tank.
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Safestart is really effective stuff.

It seems to have a high(er) concentration of nitrospira (the nitrite oxidizing bacteria) than nitrosomonas, so you will very quickly establish your third [and final] stage bacteria, which is usually the longest stage of the nitrogen cycle. The second stage of the cycle (ammonia->nitrite) seemed to lag a bit for me, indicating less presence of nitrosomonas bacteria. Having said all of that, I completed my cycle in about 6 days using safestart... pretty impressed.

The only other bacteria product I've tried was Jungle Start Zyme from Walmart. It didn't do anything. Waste of money IMO.
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Stability is only bacteria to help with decomposing matter, like Stress Zyme Plus. It is not the BB needed to establish a cycle in a tank.

"...StabilityŽ will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofilter in freshwater and marine systems, thereby preventing the #1 cause of fish death: "new tank syndrome". StabilityŽ is formulated specifically for the aquarium and contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Unlike competing products, the bacteria employed by StabilityŽ are non-sulfur fixing and will not produce toxic hydrogen sulfide. StabilityŽ is completely harmless to all aquatic organisms as well as aquatic plants, thus there is no danger of over use. StabilityŽ is the culmination of nearly a decade of research and development and represents the current state of the art in natural biological management...."

I used Dr. Tim's and it needs to be refridgerated, that is BB for cycling.

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