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Old 04-14-2013, 01:07 AM   #11 
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Oh and another thing: I've read on another forum that you don't want too many nerites because they kind of compete for food, and most tanks don't provide enough food to support more than maybe, 1 per every 5 gallons?
I'll have to double check that info, though.
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Nerites will lay eggs in fresh water. HOWEVER brackish water is needed for them to hatch. Sorry to disappoint, but that is either a pond or ramshorn.
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The baby snails come from the plants. There will be more....lots more! This sounds terrible but I hunt them down and squish them before they proliferate.
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Old 04-14-2013, 10:54 AM   #14 
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It does look like a pond snail :( Which will quickly take over your tank :(
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I QT my plants and still got some pond snails which I used to freak out about but now I dont mind when I see a few in the tank. Just dont over feed your fish and if he doesnt eat his food take it out so there are no left overs for the If you start to get to many there are ways to handle that, like if I think I am getting to many I take some out when I do my water change.
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Old 04-15-2013, 02:14 PM   #16 
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Yeah, just don't overfeed your fish and you won't have a snail problem. I got some snails with some plants one time. I saw one pond snail right after I put the plants in, but it was 2 weeks before I also saw ramshorn snails. I think my bettas ate the ramshorns, though, because I only ever saw really small ones and I haven't seen any in a while. And I only have 2 pond snails in that tank. I only feed each betta 3 pellets at each feeding and I make sure they eat one before I drop the other in, so there is almost never any leftover food.
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The snails won't get out of hand if the tank is kept clean, I agree. Overeating and algae will cause them to multiply like crazy. They can actually help the aquarium if they don't take over the tank. But I did choose to rid my plants of snails because I was worried about a spike in the cycle if they randomly overpopulated which doesn't take long (I already have 6 girls in a 10 gallon).

Jungle Clearwater will get rid of snails if you dose it really high and let it sit for maybe half an hour. I did it twice just to be sure.
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