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Thank you and a couple quick questioins (Weird Betta0

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody who has helped me out so far VJM, Briz, Otterfun, MattsBettas, and Juditko. This little guy is still swimming because of you folks; I've read the stickys, but sometimes it's just so much info that the answer seems to get lost in there.

So, now the little critter has a 10 gallon tank with a filter and heater (I put the conditioner in and moved him from his large vase to the tank in the recommended, gradual manner).

I'm going to upgrade heaters, as my current one doesn't have an exact setting by degree, just a marker for where 78 degrees should be. Water temp is currently running 82 degrees and he seems WAY happier (as he should; his water temp in the vase this AM was an abysmal 72...)

I'm also thinking about buying a low flow filter or doing the soda bottle modification I saw in the sticky thread.

Now for the question: The little guy seems to really enjoy hanging around the filter (intake has a sponge over it) but he also hangs out where it pours into the tank. He seems to love the heater as well. Is this the case of a weird fish that would prefer the current?

Also, he's swimming like mad today, but I'm guessing it's probably an new environment, more space, and proper temperature. He's eating fine, and I have him on pellets. I'm having the pet store test his water tomorrow or Friday and doing some more shopping.

What else should I buy?

VJM has his bettas at work and recommended Aquarium salt, maracyn (in case), and a liquid API kit (they seem to have different types - any recommendations?). I have a medium gravel vacuum as well so that should cover me for tubing, right?

Also, since my office gets dark with the door closed, I'm going to look at a timer for the aquarium light. I hate flourescent lighting; can we get by during daylight with a desk lamp? It seems like lots of light for the little guy.

I'm going to post a pic soon as he's red with some spots on his head, but has a really cool silver-bluish thing going on as well, but his head has light spots and there are a couple of spots on his body but it looks like natural coloring. I googled ICH and it's a possiblilty? Can I just drop some medication in to play it safe? I'll try to get a picture uploaded - my camera phone is NOT cutting it here.

Thanks again everybody!
Again, thanks to everybody

For water changes, I'm going to pick up a bucket, or would I be better off with a 5 gallon tank that can be reused for other purposes?

Again, I've been reading the stickys but it's tons of info.
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We're just glad that you took the time, effort, and $$$ to get the proper care for your Betta! Hope you find them as delightful as we do when cared for properly.

Some Bettas like current, although most do not. The "fun" of surfing near the current will probably get old for him and he'll stop paying so much attention to it. At least, that's what mine did!

I can't think of anything else you'd NEED. You've got the necessities covered. Do you have a little net to move him with? Maybe one suggesstion is the "Betta hammock" leaf that you stick to the side of his tank near the surface and he can rest on it if he wants. ( Some people warn about rust from the metal in the leaf being exposed to water, but it depends on the one you get. I haven't had a problem yet.

Bettas like it to be dark when it's nighttime. You'd get the light timer to keep the light on during the day? He will be fine with a desk lamp light during the day, as long as he can see! (Which he almost certainly would be able to).

It's always hard to tell with new Bettas if they have something topically wrong with them since you don't know what they're supposed to look like normally. Go ahead and post pics (either here or the Disease forum) and more experienced eyes can look it over. You should NOT medicate unless you're certain he has an issue, as the medicine can stress his system if used too often/improperly/etc.

A bucket would be fine! Just never use soap in it.
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Glad it's going well. Mine prefers being caught in a cup (like the one he came in) over a net.

I can't remember what you said about plants and decor; silk plants are preferred over plastic, and many recommend lots of plants with lots of hiding places. I have three small and only two large silk plants in my ten as our boy seems to prefer more swimming space. If you don't have much cover, maybe that's why he's hanging around structures.

Alas, I wish it were as easy as recommending silk plants. I've gotten one from petsmart and one from petco that both had WIRE in them that would RUST (which is toxic.). I did find some Hagen marina naturals silk plants online that do not seem to have any wire in them. Frustrating, I know.

I'm not experienced enough to address your other questions but others will (and already have) picked up those. Read up on water changes to get ready for that. Another FYI is that I actually cup my betta when I use the gravel vac as he is much too curious and I don't want him injured by the siphon.

I don't know much, but I'm rooting for you! :)
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