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A 2 1/2 gallon minimum would be fine, too.
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Originally Posted by aquadude View Post
I would use bamboo because it somehow gets rid of algae and it is the only plant that grows in water.
If you do end up using bamboo, the popular species dracaena (that can be made to grow in spirals aka "lucky bamboo"), will eventually rot if you keep the stalk continuously submerged. If you want to use bamboo, I would suggest periodically taking it out of the tank for about a week to completely dry out (keeping the roots moist). However, this may shock the plant. So overall, if possible, don't use lucky bamboo.
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I am as of the past week now a Betta lover. I was given a beautiful Blue Male Betta in a plastic cup. I have never before had fish and a friend thought I needed a Pet & a Hobby. I am very much looking forward to starting this off and want to do what is best for my new friend. I have yet to even name him!
I knew right away he had to be released from his little deli style living quarters. The ones the betta are kept in at the pet store. (Pet Co ) I have a nice 6"round(flower pot sized) and approx 12" tall vase I converted into a temp tank for the past week.(I have the vase filled 2/3rd's as I was afraid he may try to jump out. I am learning many things here and look forward to hitting the pet shops this weekend to purchase a proper habitat for my Betta. In the meantime I am wondering how long he can live in the container I now have? I was too afraid to even add rocks etc not knowing what was good and what was bad for him.I have changed the h20 and cleaned the tank with just hot water and wiped dry twice this week and have been using a water conditioner for tap water. I made sure the temp was room temp atleast 72-75 . He is also sitting close by a low watt tall lamp for added warmth I noticed with my little room thermometer it raises the temp in that table area by 3 degrees, there is also filtered afternoon light. I have been feeding him Hikari Tropical Betta Bio-Gold baby pellets. I plan on doing a lot of reading here before I go shopping for my New Friend. I have noticed he really has a personality and each morning he greets me eye to eye unafraid and actually likes the attention and enduring babble as I converse with him. LOL who would have thought!!!! As of yesterday tiny bubbles began to appear in clusters floating at the top of the tank. I was worried at first but see in a couple post that this is a good thing, meaning a happy fish!
Thanks for listening, any and all advice is always welcome.
Thank You
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Hello and welcome to FishForum. You're really going to enjoy your new friend. :) It sounds like you already are. A 2 1/2 gallon or larger sized heated, filtered tank is reccommended. He'll be fine for a few days, until you get a permanent home for him. Yes, bubblenests are a very good thing. :) The Betta Bio gold pellets are very good. I feed them to mine. They also enjoy frozen or freeze dried bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp.The freeze dried food needs to be rehydrated before feeding, to prevent digestive problems. Frozen needs to be thawed out first. These should only be fed as a once or twice a week treat.
Bettas have wonderful personalities. They'll watch every move you make and look at you when you are talking to them like they understand everything you say to them. lol I think I covered the bases. Good luck with your new fish! :)
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