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Co2 help please!

So, yesterday I bought a finnex Ray2 LED light for my 28gallon bowfront. its in the 7,000k range with about 30 par. From what I understand, that puts me into the moderate-high light range...correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, as of now, I've never used CO2. I use API liquid CO2 Booster in my smaller tanks, but not real CO2. Basically, I'm pretty well clueless.

My plan is to run it on a paintball canister. A friend of my boyfriend owns a paintball park so I can get the canisters and refills for a great price which is why. If you think it's better worth it to buy a 5lb cannister of it please state why and I'll think about it. I also plan to buy the adjustment piece I need to hook up from the canister to the regulator since regulators arent made for paintball tanks normally.

Anyways, here's where my main issue comes to play. I have no clue what I absolutely need/should have and should be looking for in a regulator. What makes one better than the other?
I've had some people say that unless you are spending $80+ on a regulator you're getting junk. I can't believe this is true. Their reasoning was because regulators for cheap don't come with needle valves and solenoids and what not..but from the looks of it, I'm finding pretty decent regulators on Ebay with solenoids, magnetic valve controls, double guages, etc. for around $40-60. That's the price range I'd like to stay in as I've got other upgrades I'd like to do to other tanks as well.
Here are a few of the ones I am talking about::
and here is a cheap "kit" that still looks pretty decent to me:

now, do any of those look like they'd be worth purchasing?

a couple other questions yet:
1. what other products should I definitely buy. I know I should buy a diffuser, CO2 proof airline tubing, check valve, a bubble counter, and a CO2 level that all? Any suggestions on what are good ones to go with for a good price?

2. When I finally do get this whole system set up, how many BPS should I be running on a 28g tank? Is 1BPS pretty standard for all sizes or should it be more?

3. What other ferts should I be using? Should I keep up with the API CO2 booster? Currently all I use on the 28 is: flourish comp. 1x/month, and some root tabs. It is an NPT so I'm not sure if ferts would even really be needed?

I think that's all for now. If anyone has any suggestions on which route to go or anything at all, please comment!
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Kfryman may know more about this if you PM her...
I unfortunately don't do CO2, and know absolutely nothing about paintball CO2. :(
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