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Update and surprises

It's been about a month and a half. And my new 10 gallon Natural planted tank is doing quite well!

I have health plants, snails, shrimp and my betta enjoys everything :)
Banana plant and duckweed doing the best noticeably.
Did anyone know that snails eat duckweed? if my duckweed gets low enough and my snails can get it they munch it up, I don't mind because it spreads so quickly.

Ended up replacing my HOB filter with a home made sponge filter. I was worried at first but not its doing incredible :) I can even see brown growing within the yellow sponge. im guessing its the Bacteria, maybe waste too but I can always clean it out :)

As for the more microscopic life in my tank, I have Green Hydra growing on my hornwort, seems to only attach to that for now. Some people doing like it but I do, my snails eat it :)
I also have it seems either copepods or daphnia, because I have allll these tiny white dots all throughout my tank. and they move in jumpy or jerky motions MOST of the time. they can cover some serious distance

Surprises : about 15 new baby snails popped outa no where. In guessing they came either from the plants I got, or the two mysteries I have, I blue one white. the babies are transparent mostly. with pinkish bodies and spots on the skin that is under their shell. I just wonder what color they will change into. or if they will stay transparent.
Also just a few minutes ago discovered a baby ghost shrimp. probably about half an inch big. He's just Chilin on my heaters cord. This is ALSO another reason to switch to a sponge filter. it helps to keep from baby snails and shrimp being ground up or trapped in a filter.

I hope more shrimp appear.

I was thinking about other fish but now that I have babies from snails and I guess my one shrimp. It might be a mostly snail tank :D

Would like to know about the impact of the daphnia/ copapods and hydra. and how would 17ish snails do in a tank?
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17 snails will quickly change to 1700 snails if you do not keep the population under control. My bettas eat the baby snails so that helps a lotf
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Three months ago I did get a couple snails with a large Java Fern. I left them in for a couple days until I realized they were pond snails.
I have been sucking them out immediately whenever I see them and put them in their own container, change the water twice a week and feed them algae wafers or kelp flakes.
I still see a baby pop up in my tank every other day. I now have over six dozen!!! Not fun :(
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ahhhh ok I see now.
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