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Pickle Jar NPT?

I have a 1 gal pickle jar that I would love to turn into The light wouldn't be much, a desk lamp only and I am totally noob to NPT so what should I get for these conditions? I do want a layer of duckweed unless that's bad for the plants. What could I get that would be relatively cheap and easy?
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I can't tell you a lot about plants, I'm just learning too, but any plant cover over the top (like duckweed) cuts the amount of light the other plants receive. I'm not sure a desk light would be enough for what you are wanting to do. I so think it could look pretty cool though. If you do make it a NPT I want to see pics.
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Your choices a limited to things that can be put on the bottom.

Your choices ( assuming your desk lamp is at least a 50 wat bulb)

Water sprite, hornwort, glosso, mini/dwarf swords.... and possibly whisteria

You would half to trim all these plants to keep them well in the jar.

Hornwort would probably be trimmed once a week depending on groth, water sprite is pretty much the same but look for roots they can float at the top ( they won't spread like wild fire like duck weed too. So you could keep a baby water sprite afloat on the top.

You would half to plan small plants, and keep triming to keep them the size you bought them. I probably would not use more then three kinds of plants ( possibly four if you go with a floating baby water sprite) You need a tall, your hornwort would work best for that, your bottom would be glosso and your mid range would be the mini swords or nano's.

Also you want to use a small gravel, or substrate, you also want to make sure the lamp stays on for at least 6 hours a day. You also want to make sure that You pick a good Hard scape.

Lets talk hardscape, small aqua stones ( fish safe that you get at the pet store) glass pebbles, and small peaces of drift wood ( tiny peaces) would set if off into a nice NANO planted tank.

Hope this helps. Also please get hornwort, it will filter and prevent algae from growing in such a small space.

If you need any help or tips your welcome to pm me about it. I am currently working on my planted tank. ( its a 34 gallon, and i have a planted 1.5 gallon bowl too)
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Old 04-22-2013, 05:14 PM   #4 
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I wouldn't bother with a hardscape in a 1gal pickle jar... takes up room for where you could put plants. IME hornwort has failed everytime on me and any other plant will combat algae... all infact stem plants are just better at it generally as they tend to grow faster. hornwort being a floater gets co2 from the air instead of the water colum so it will grow faster... but again there are hundreds of other floaters you can look into that IMO look way better then hornwort.

a small desk lamp will do fine over the tank even with the duckweed, I just wouldn't let it get out of hand. or maybe no light over it at all and just sit in where it can get some sunlight... as long as you pile in the plants and have some floaters youll be golden.
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A 1 gallon Jar is huge! Scape it! hahaha
Let me warn you that glosso isn't an easy plant at all ;)

Unless you're really set on an NPT, I would recommend you try the less messier substrates.
Is there a specific look you are going for? Sometimes just having moss on wood can make the tank look terrific :)
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