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Uses for the water from water changes

In a healthy aquarium, particularly that of a community tank where you have several healthy well-tended fish, you can use the dirty aquarium water from water changes and your gravel vacuuming on your plants.

With the warm months coming in its free fertilizer compliments of your happy little fishies. A little thank you for all your hard work and a little bit of ease on the wastewater bill as its technically recycling. It can be used on food plants, house plants, flower gardens the works. As far as the plants are concerned your fish poo the plant equivalent of gold.

Wouldn't be a good idea to use water where you are treating for illness for some illnesses (such as tuberculosis) are human transferable and the holistic treatments of the salts can mess up/kill many land plants.

Thought maybe the gardeners on the site might like to know about that little gift the fishies give if they didn't already XP. Pet fish poo in thanks so your flower gardens may look pretty and your tomatoes yummy.
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Yeah I use nearly all the water from my fish on the garden during the drier months. We were on water restrictions for a while and that extra water from my tanks really helped the plants.

In a country where water can be pretty scarce at times, it always seems such a waste to just pour all that water down the sink.
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I throw my water out in the yard, on the grass. :o) You are right it will do the grass some good.
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I usually just dump it down the drain, since we don't have any plants to water it with. I do have a small bamboo plant that I keep a cup of tank water in to refill every day.
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