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Thumbs up Micky - My first serious Betta rescue

short video due to time constraints....

This little guy is as yet unnamed. Found him on the back shelf of a Wal-Mart pet dept. in about 3/4" of murkey water, laying on his side with barely enough strength to surface. Asked the manager to give him to me to try to save him. She refused, apologizing, explaining they can settle with the company for a loss if he should die. I payed full price, about $6.00, and took him home. Here he is about a week later after treatment with aquarium salt and Melafix. He started eating dried blood worms within a couple of days, gained strength, now accepts flakes and is a voracious eater. He has a crooked spine and spends a lot of time on his side. We are gradually raising his water level so he can increase his swimming stamina, so don't worry about the amount of water in the bowl right now, it's only one quart, but is about 12 times what he had in his prison cell. To keep him active we swap out different things in his bowl. This perfectly smooth, flat river rock is his favorite and will probably be there permanently, he loves doing the "king of the hill" thing and it helps him reach the surface easily to grab air. LOL, someone was playing a Micky Mouse video in the background. I think we'll name him Micky :)
thanks for viewing

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That is such a great story!
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Keep us up to date! I want pictures ASAP!
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Walmart would rather have the fish die than sell at half price??
It shows where their bottom line is at. :(
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Old 05-30-2013, 10:03 AM   #5 
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cute, how he doing? I used to do that too. I bought one betta that was last on the shelf , and i brought a few bettas that i thought no one would buy it because they were not the pretty ones. We just have to remember not cross -contaminate any equipment between new betta and other fish that we have.
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Yeah, my Walmart refuses to discount fish too. Actually, most of the time, I can't even find someone to talk to.

Poor little guy. I hope he continues to improve. Keep us updated! :)
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Our Wal-Mart also has a no discount policy- doesn't matter if the fish is about to die and you want to save it - you will pay full price and I guess that is why. They get a dead fish credit. Sad to think how many fish Wal-Mart kills with that policy.

I guess it's time to write another long rant customer service letter to the Wal-Mart headquarters. They truly only care about the money not about the animal, it's sad.
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