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Old 04-26-2013, 01:00 AM   #1 
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Location: Midwest
If I move a sponge filter into a new tank will it take tail rot bacteria with it?

One fish I believe has chewed his tail up as it didn't look so bad yesterday. He had split previously and I removed the suspect plant. This morning his tail was all ragged and shorter.

However, just in case it's tail rot or becomes such will the bad bacteria with move with the filter if I move it to the new tank I am setting up? I wanted to move the sponge filter to start the tank cycling. He's in a two gallon tank so the filter is not absolutely needed. I am treating with AQ salt and stress coat and water changes.
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Blue Fish
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If you were to soak the filter in heavily salted water...that would kill the tail-rot bacteria, but would it also kill your good BB's? I'd assume they'd both be gone (which would totally defeat your purpose) but I'm not sure. :(
I'm no help at all. :(
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JadaBlu, heavy salt will not affect the good bacteria. Chlorine will kill it, PP will kill it, but salt will not.

Tail or fin rot is usually a secondary problem, caused by aeromonas bacteria, and a healthy fish in good water conditions shouldn't have it, but bettas stress so easily, and have such lovely fins :( they suffer it more than most fish.

If you really want to be sure, kill all the bacteria and start over. If you think the other fish are healthy enough, go ahead and use it to seed another filter.

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Old 04-27-2013, 01:08 AM   #4 
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Location: Midwest
I ended up getting multiple 5 gallons that will be side by side. So no one will be together. There was no evidence of fin rot I just woke up to fish with a significantly ragged and shorter tail :( . He acts fine otherwise.
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