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Old 04-27-2013, 01:17 AM   #1 
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Has this crossed anyone else's mind?...

Neil bites his tail. This usually happens because he's been separated from his favorite girl, Chappy, or because he feels like it (yes, not a good reason, but for those of you with tail biters, you know how it is!) Anyway, his tail FINALLY grew back, and when I went to go say hi earlier, he looked like a crowntail. Aaaargh, it's so frustrating! His fins are so beautiful; they are orange, with dark orange dots, and dark blue and shiny turquoise rays. Sooooo beautiful! But anyways! I thought of a reason why he might do it-Chappy.
See, she's a crowntail, so what if he does it to make himself more attractive? Or, rather, to make his fins like hers?
It wouldn't be the first time anyone's altered their appearance to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex, but....bettas too?
I guess it wouldn't be improbable, but it seems kinda silly. Have you guys noticed anything like this in your fish?

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Old 04-27-2013, 01:47 AM   #2 
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I have one male plakat who HAS TO be next to another fish, male or female it doesn't matter, or else he will take chunks out of his tail and pace in circles around his tank. I had a male VT who would chew his tail in little shreds on fasting day. I couldn't do a fasting day or even feed him late or he would so that.

That made me laugh about the crowntail I guess you never really know what goes thru their little minds :)
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Old 04-29-2013, 11:38 PM   #3 
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Yeah! I know it sounds silly, but none of my other bettas do it.
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