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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
Lani, your betta Bluey is amazing. Where did you find him?

The water he was in was absolutely disgusting. He definitely looks pale. I see some scales so I think he might change colors a little...

I'm hoping the little guy will grow on me. I had my heart set on a blue one and I thought he was blue when I bought him but the water just made him appear blue.

He won't flare at the mirror.

I'd hate to say it but is it possible to return him to get another one? I just feel like I bought the wrong fish.
awww, thanks Clarke! I like him, too. I found him and Crumb both at a local breeder. I contacted her via a local organizational website and she invited me out to come choose some from her stock.

I'm glad you're deciding to keep him. Don't feel bad about thinking about returning him. We all get buyer's remorse occasionally, even with pets. When I went to pick out bluey, I wanted an orange fish. Then i found an orange one but she told me he had chronic constipation and I was a little nervous about that. Then I saw bluey, who at the time was probably 60% white with a blue butterfly pattern. I was about to pick him out when i saw Crumb, who practically had no color and looked like a little bass. He was just staring at me. He wouldn't take his eyes off me. Finally, I gave in and took the personality over the beauty (Bluey.) I went home with Crumb but I had this sad feeling in my tummy because i REALLY wanted a beautiful fish. However, after 2 days or so, Crumb really started to grow on me. He's so active and sweet and loves to interact and eventually he grew and his colors matured and he's beautiful, too!! However, I still wanted bluey so 2 weeks later I went back to get him. And let me tell you... I didn't even think it was the same fish! He was entirely green and pale, with no white, no blue, nothing. But when I got him home, he colored up and had this lovely white band on his fins. Sadly, the band is going away and he's becoming 100% blue. In both cases, though, I feel like I got some great bettas and I'm glad I took Crumb, too. (Incidentally, he never flares at the mirror, either.) So you never know what you're going to get.. but sometimes it's a wonderful surprise! :)

I'm sure this little guy will be your best friend soon. And if you really want a blue one, you can always get a second. :)
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in reference to his coloring, oncee your fish gets more comfortable with his surroundings he may brighten up a bit...

as far as getting him to swim through plants give him time, he'll explore!
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