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wait, if your fish is blind, how does he find the food you feed him?? i remember maybe 2 months ago,i wouldve swore i saw a blind betta at the store once but when i went back to look at him after i walked the aisles he was gone, maybe i was blind and didnt see him with the rest of the bettas :P
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Originally Posted by quietlythundering View Post
Thanks for all the responses! I was considering a large petsmart brand kritter keeper, which are actually about 3 gallons, and I think the medium is just a little under 2. All of my boys are in large 3 gallon tanks, and I've noticed lately that this guy has been a bit sluggish. He isn't sick, but I just wondered if a change of environment wouldn't be good for him. Then again, I've also wondered if it wasn't the heater that was making him like that, so I've also considered taking it out (the weather here in sunny CA is warming up to a point that would make hell look like Antarctica.) I think I'll try that first, since it's tank cleaning day anyway.
Also, I don't think so, NozzALa; Ray Charles is orangey-red and has no eyes, though that fish you heard about sounds pretty!
Oh, yeah, I guess it is probably a common name for blind fish.
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I usea feeding ring, which keeps all the food in one place, instead of scattering everywhere. He's learned to associate it with food; that and the sound of the trapdoor lids closing is also my bettas dinner bell, so when he hears that, he'll swim up to the feeding ring. In addition, anything he doesn't eat will fall to the tank bottom, and all day long I can see him nosing around like a pig hunting for truffle, looking for leftovers!
Lol, I told my boyfriend and he said it with out batting an eye; in the end, it just seemed to fit.
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