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Old 04-27-2009, 03:20 PM   #11 
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Dont knock something till you try it.
I have many many mant times, and proved over and over it don't do nothing, Waste of money.

If you think it works, Great then, Go for it, :)
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Old 04-27-2009, 03:51 PM   #12 
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Im jsut stating my water parameters proved it works, I didnt buy it till I tried it and tested it.

Its a 1gallon tank though that this person is working with. It would work if administered right however you cant overdose since its all biological and not chemicals.
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Old 04-27-2009, 03:57 PM   #13 
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I would change the water twice a week in the small tank. otherwise ammonia levels will spike as well as other nitrates. I had to do an emergency water change in my 5 gallon. the levels were bad . and the betta feels allot better now. I have a filter in there. but water changes are needed in a filtered tank also.
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Old 04-27-2009, 06:32 PM   #14 
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Thats what this forum is for, to share ideas and what has worked for us and what hasn't. We all don't get the same results with stuff. Some people have great success with products and others don't.
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Old 04-27-2009, 06:43 PM   #15 
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^^^ very true, I think it depends on what is in the water to begin with, lime and algae are in mine and cycle thrives off that stuff.

I may sound mean but I put angels and gourami's thru the cycle( long story, renovation took longer then expected) not because I wanted to but kinda had to in the situation.
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Old 05-06-2009, 09:35 PM   #16 
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Thank you!
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Old 05-07-2009, 09:25 AM   #17 
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Cloudy water almost always means ammonia which is BAD. I'd personally be doing a full water change every other day in a 1 gallon. If you only ever do partials ammonia will still build up - trust me I had it happen in a few 4 gallon QT tanks and I couldn't believe it because I was doing partials and it had only been a week and a few days. It took around 4 90% water changes to get the levels down to 0. Generally once it's cloudy ammonia levels are quite high. Bacterial blooms are more rare, and in this situation I wouldn't think that is the case. They can make the water smell quite bad.

Luckily the quick and easy fix is to do more frequent water changes. I'd do a 100% water change every other day. As long as the temperature matches, the water is from the same source, and it is conditioned this will not bother your betta and in fact will make him much healthier and happier. If you could upgrade the tank size your betta would love it and you would have to do less frequent water changes.

I have Cycle and am kind of on the fence about it. It's definitely not a cure all, but it does "seem" to help cycle a tank faster and also "seemed" to help when my 29 gallon when through a mini-cycle. There's no way to tell for sure thought if the same effect would have happened if I had not added it.
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Old 05-07-2009, 01:33 PM   #18 
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i sort of had the same question. Bluey's tank looks really clean and Crumb's was really cloudy. That's why I switched to sand. I can now see everytime he poops (fun!) and i can get out the trusty turkey baster. I feel confident he is much better off this way. :) And i feel like i'm interacting more with my fish. Sometimes i wonder what they're thinking when they just wiggle and stare... wiggle and stare....
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beta, dirty water

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