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Old 04-09-2013, 12:50 AM   #41 
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Indiana. :)
I chose Sunshine on a whim. I live in a dorm by myself due to some learning disabilities I have, ad I get a little lonely sometimes. I chose her because I felt like the boys had a greater chance of getting adopted than the girls do. She was also the prettiest there. After carrying her around the store, I fell in love and had to get her. She's been my baby ever since. :)
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Location: Hockeytown!
First off, I got all of my boys because I recently went through a bad breakup and was feeling lonely and needed something to love and keep me company. I got Jack and Mateo because they're pretty DTHMs. Mateo's coloring is so unique and Jack's fins are HUGE. So I bought those two for their looks. BUT...

I got Gary the same day I got Mateo, partially because I knew no one else would buy him. He's a gorgeous red and white dragon HMPK, but PKs don't seem to do well around here. People just prefer the bettas with long fins. And after the first time I picked up his cup, he just kept staring at me. It was like he knew that I was the only one who could see how pretty he was with his short clamped fins. I wanted Mateo because he was pretty, but I left with both of them because I made an emotional connect with Gary.

Ditto with Panther. I picked him because he was gray with a grumpy face. Again, I knew no one would buy him. Then I walked outside and saw him in the sunlight and WOW! he was so shiny! I'd never seen a copper betta before.

I was at Petco yesterday afternoon and saw two bettas that could have been Gary and Panther's twins. They've been there for at least two weeks now. It's too bad more people can't see the potential in the "ugly" bettas.
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Old 04-09-2013, 10:48 AM   #43 
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Pennsylvania
Leviathan, my first betta, was the healthiest-looking one at the store, I remember, so that's why I got him. I loved that he was red, too!

Timor was so beautiful like omg (still haven't seen a store betta that was as beautiful as him!), and I felt bad for him because he looked like he was having so much trouble breathing (he died within 24 hours).

Eris I picked out just because I'd never seen a betta quite like him before. He's so beautiful to me!

And I picked out the Kraken because, even though I made a little connection with a beautiful blue one at the store (I think about him still), he was flipping out at his sad neighbor. He was flaring non-stop and just so angry-looking! I didn't want him to stress himself out even more and get sick in that little cup, so I took him home!
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Old 04-09-2013, 11:18 AM   #44 
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Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Well, when I got Galileo, I studied every betta available and dithered over every small detail of each one until my husband finally made me pick one by agreeing that Galileo was the best looking of them all. When I got Esmeralda, I was torn between 2 females. Esmeralda was the tiniest and the other was the largest. I compared the two for an hour until the fish room attendant told me to get the biggest one. I chose the smallest and ended up with Esmeralda :) With Lord Sesshomaru it was a little different. I wasn't even planning on buying a fish at the moment. I had plans for the near future but not that day. I went to Petsmart on my way home from Zumba to buy a control valve and was lured over to the betta section by their siren calls. I looked at all of them and nothing really interested me so I walked away and looked at other aquariums and checked out the sales. Then something pulled me back and I saw a little red veil tail flaring at everyone and everything that moved. I immediately wanted him so I had them put him on hold. I ran home (7 km lol I am NOT a runner) set up Galileo's old 3.5, ran over to pet valu and bought some gravel. took some silk plants I had made out of their soaking tank and set everything up. Then I called my husband and broke the news to him. he was not pleased lol. I love Sesshomaru soooooo much!
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Old 05-05-2013, 08:32 PM   #45 
PopzTheBetta's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
i had bought an adorible betta and a divider for my ten gallon now i only had money for a veil tail (i pesonaly like them) so i go over there and i see him a veil tail that looks just like haru my dead betta the only diffrence was that haru was a crown tail i see this little guy and instantly i call him "ketchup" buy him and man is he a cutey
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Old 05-05-2013, 10:16 PM   #46 
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: chicago, il
i saw space ghost when i was looking through the bettas at petco when i'd gone in for something for my other pets with no actual intention of buying a fish, about a week and a half before christmas... there were a lot of bettas of many colors, presumably for the christmas rush, but i had never seen a betta that was white before, so he stood out in my mind even though it seemed less "exciting" than the colorful ones. he was also on the small side so he had the cute factor going for him, lol. i came back a few days later and he was still there. i kept thinking about him all week, and after christmas, i went back and there he was, stuck at the back of the display, so i finally used my gift money to buy him.
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Location: Minnesota
Thyeo was a sick boy when I found him. There was not much selection and I just wanted one so badly. He had spunk, which all of my fish do. Neytiri was the most amazing looking female I had ever seen. She looked at me and turned like two different colors. I was instantly like MINE! And with Grotto, it took me a while, but looks amazing in my tank and he kept flaring with his patchy little head and vibrant blue and red. All my babies have spunk. I love it when they speak to me. They are such therapy to me and when I have one that just looks at me... with a certain look.... Like an I am recognizing you look. THAT is what gets me. And now, Thyeo flares to play games with me, lets me pet him, and eats from my fingers. Neytiri comforts me when I cry by always watching me and Grotto is a spunky new guy. I love what they do for me and how they make me feel. That's how I choose my bettas :)
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