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Two Different problems with my boys

Hi all. I'm concerned about both of my boys. I will start with the one that has been going on the longest.
Vardaman has been laying on his side a lot lately. He sleeps on his side. Sometimes swims sideways. His appearance has not changed. I'm really puzzled as to why he has suddenly started this.
Also, for both of my boys, I tried to feed them tonight and they both had a very hard time eating. Vardaman got one pellet. I'm not sure that Algernon got any. It seems that they are misjudging where the pellet is floating and nipping a bit ahead of it in the water. They recently travelled home from college with me, a four hour drive. Their water went from city water to well water. It almost seems as if there is static in their water or something. I reached in to touch the water and it seemed like it popped. I have no idea what is going on!
Both boys are in 3 gallon tanks with 50 watt heaters. I don't have a water testing kit yet though.
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How did you acclimate them to the new water? There might be significant differences in pH, hardness, etc between them.

The water popping almost indicates that there's an electrical issue with the heater. BUT I can't imagine this happening simultaneously in two separate tanks.

I suggest doing a water change, and using extra conditioner. (Try using about 1.5 or even 2x the normal dosage.) Hopefully, this will take care of the issue.

Are you planning on getting a testing kit? I'm curious what the water pH and hardness is. City (municipal) water is often hard (lots of salts), while well water is often soft (few salts). And the pH can be very different between the two....
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