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Some fluctuation in the warmer temperatures (80F+) is OK. My betta was very active in 90-100F water last summer. my heater doesnt go that high, so there is no way to keep the water constant....I tend to take my heaters out duing the hotter months as I become worried that the heater will malfunction due to being "off" for long periods of time. I put my heaters back in when water temperature hits the 80s again.
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I do want to apologize for overreacting a bit in this thread and point out that I don't disagree the other posters completely, either. My girl DID pass away while still in QT and was shipped in the mail about a month or so before the incident and was still recovering from fin damage she got during shipping from what I believe was tailbiting caused by stress from shipping. My other 4 fish handled it just fine including my other two girls which were shipped at the same time, but they were from a separate spawn. Genetics may have been a factor in her sickness.

The power outage caused a 3 degree drop in an hour (the room was about 65 degrees though) and it went back up to the normal temp in about 3 hours. I do agree that they can handle fluctuations when they are healthy, but I think it's best to insulate it in some way so that the decrease in temp happens slower. Generally, a 1 degree change should not happen faster than one hour but most fish SHOULD do fine.

My girl was obviously the exception but it is a bit of a touchy subject for me. She was my favorite and I would hate for others to have to go through what Okami and myself went through.

So again, I do apologize for my overreaction but I do hope that you can find something that works for you and your fish. Loss, obviously, is not fun and I am only concerned about their safety, even though I may be a bit over concerned.
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