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Hi All!
Just went out and bought myself a lovely betta. He's got a purple body and darkish red fins. Fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I just couldn't pass him up. Named his Cisco after the horse in Dances with Wolves, one of my favorite movies. It was either that, Two socks[after the wolf], or Casanova.
Anyway, I've got him in a lily vase at the moment. No lily.
After I bought him, I just had to get online and dig up some information on Betta and I find out it's not the best thing for a betta to live in.
I'm hoping that I will be able to move him into a larger home.
More specifally a ten gallon aquarium I have. Anyway, I tried to see what was needed to keep a betta in a ten gallon, and i'm not quite sure what's needed and whats not needed.
I would like advice from more experienced Betta owners.
Here's a list of things I think I might need. If I missed something I would need, please let me know;

-Heater. Specific wattage?
-Filter. Is this really needed if I make frequent water changes? If not needed how often should I change the water?
-Plant. Specific type? Real or fake?
-Water test kit. Is this really needed?
-Water conditioner. Again, is this really needed?
-Hiding place/cave.
-Aquarium gravel.

I'd really appreciate any help offered, I want to make sure my Cisco stays happy and healthy.
He's made a small bubble nest already, which I heard was a good sign?
But he refuses to touch the food that i've been giving him. Should I try another brand?

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Hello and welcome to FishForum. I think a 50 watt heater would work for a 10 gallon tank. A filter is not really needed unless you are planning on cycling your tank.I do partial changes on my 4 gallon once a week and a full change once a month. You can get either real or fake plants. Real plants require some work. You have to have the right lighting and substrate. I have silk plants in mine and my fish like them.If you are going to cycle then you need a test kit. The API master test kit is the one that is usually reccommended. Yes, you need water conditioner. Prime is good and so is Aquasafe. A thermometer will help you monitor the water temperature.Hiding places and decorations are good to have. You can use little terra cotta pots. Be careful to choose something that doesn't have sharp edges that can tear your betta's fins. You can use gravel or glass gems in your tank. Yes, bubblenests are a good thing. Sometimes bettas won't eat the first few days after bringing them home but afyter he gets used to his new surroundings, he should be ok.Keep trying the food you have and you can always make a change later if he still won't eat. I think I covered it all. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
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Oh, in the vase I have him in now, how often should I change his water? I'd like to keep him around for a while.
Thank you for the help. :]
I can't think of anything else I want to know, but If I do i'll be sure to ask.
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If the vase is a half gallon to a gallon, I'd change the water100%, twice a week. Put the fish in a separate container, dump out the old water, rinse the rocks or gravel with hot water and rinse out the vase. Then fill it back up with fresh, dechlorinated water and put the fish back in and you're good to go.
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Old 05-26-2009, 10:43 AM   #5 
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Poseidon my new betta didn't eat for 2 days but now he's a little pig... Im trying to cycle my 3 gallon so Im only doing 1 gallon water changes to take the edge off the ammonias, I know its going to take a few weeks but bettas are hardy...

I'm new also but this forum is a great resource... Just keep reading!
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Heater wattage, the wattage does not matter so much, just make sure the heater is for a ten gallon tank and see what temp it keeps the water at.

Filter, It is not needed, but if you do get one make sure you get one that it very low flow, a current stresses the betta.

Plants, Real are better, although fake are just fine too.

Water test kit, it is probably not needed but i may be wrong

water conditioner, very much needed you also must put this in the water at least 20 mins before you put your betta in, but i would put it in 24 hours before.

Thermometer, not a bad idea, but if you know what temp the heater keeps the water at this wont be needed.

The plants will be a good enough hiding place.

You dont need gravel but this is also highly recommenced
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