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Old 05-07-2013, 08:13 PM   #1 
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Can I put my baby betta in a divided tank with a male?

Best I can tell the baby is around 9 weeks old. I don't know yet if it is a male or female. My original plan was to put my two male bettas in a divided 10 and put the baby in one of the male's 2.5 gallon and eventually upgrade him to a 5 gallon. However, one of my males did not take too well to the new divided tank. After several hours, he was still stressed and flaring at everything. He really is the pissiest fish I put him back in his old tank and he instantly relaxed and was at ease. I don't think he is suited to having a tank mate. My other male betta thought it was a grand adventure and is having the time of his life in the new tank. Didn't pay a bit of attention to the other male betta. So now I still have 3 bettas in 3 separate tanks. The baby seems to be equally as easy going as my one betta and I was wondering if I could put him in the other side of the 10. I'd really like to lose a tank. What do you think?
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I asked the forums that exact thing several months ago and i was informed that it would be fine. just make sure to move your baby to a different tank if it turns out to be a female :D
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Thanks! I don't know why this is in the breeding forum. I thought I posted in betta care. I'll move the baby over today. If it turns out to be female, I'll probably give her to my aunt. She had a betta years ago she really enjoyed and I was thinking of getting her one for her birthday anyway.
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Old 05-08-2013, 10:04 AM   #4 
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You don't need to move it if it's a female.. there is nothing wrong with keeping males and females in the same, divided tank at all. It won't stress them out any different, etc.. I've kept males with females in divided tanks with no issue.. in fact, had a pair like that for almost 2 years and they did better that way than with the same sex in the same tank. So.. no need to move it if it turns out to be a girl :) Keep in mind, males are the territorial ones, females aren't.. so the male won't feel as threatened with a female next to him (but even 2 males side by side it's no issue as they do eventually get used to one another).

Why not keep the female? Females are just as personable, colorful, fun, etc like the males :)

Moving this topic to betta care for you to get more views/advice
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Thanks for moving this!

I was only thinking of giving the baby away if it was a female because I didn't think they could be housed together. I will be keeping him/her regardless now that I am reassured it is okay for them to be together. I really am quite fond of the baby. He was a rescue. I'm still planning on giving a betta to my aunt for her birthday. Since I got my bettas, she has been talking a lot about the one she had years ago and how much she enjoyed him.

I moved the baby over a bit ago and he seems quite pleased with his new quarters. Quite an upgrade for him as he was in my 1 gallon hospital tank. No flaring from my other betta, they seem to be curious about each other but not bothered. I think this will be a better shared tank situation than putting the two males together. Now I can tear down the two smaller tanks.
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