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Lighting: Would a 10 gallon with two 15 watt cfls be too bright?

I have a male Betta in a planted 10 gallon. I was thinking of getting an Aqueon incandescent fixture and putting 2 Macro-glo 15 watt 6400 K compact flourescents in.
However, I know that Bettas are lower light fish and I am unsure whether he would be comfortable with that level of light or not. What do you guys think?
I've invested quite a bit of money in medium/high light aquarium plants before I got the Betta, and am hoping to find a way to accommodate both the Betta and the plants in the same tank. The Betta, however, definitely takes top priority.
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So long as your betta has lots of places to get out of the light if he so chooses, I'd see no reason that he couldn't be in a medium-to-high light tank, especially if you have it heavily planted and/or have floaters. A planted tank should naturally provide areas that are more shady than others, which should provide your fish with the cover he needs to feel secure
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I have one of my bettas in a 10 gal NPT with two - 15 watt, 6700k CFL bulbs from Walmart. The fish and plants are doing great. I've had massive growth on my A. Crispus so those leaves provide some shade from the direct light, although the light never seemed to bother Mr. Boy.
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