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Question Betta newb. Is white poop normal?

Okay, so we just got two gorgeous bettas. Male and female named Veggie (vegeta) and Diva. We've had them in the living room for a while'
In starter tanks for babies, but I just recently moved Diva (my betta) into a 1-gallon tank in my room, which is the coldest room in the house. She's gotten fat from the unbalanced diet, but today I noticed a little bit what I think is white pool. It's gone now, and she's acting her usual hyperactive self. Should I be worried?
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Since she's a girl, it's possible that her "fatness" was due to eggs. Since she wasn't bred, she may have reabsorbed them. (Or she may have released them and eaten them.) When this happens to females, they generally become less "chubby" and their poop may be white for a few days.

I recently had this happen with my girl. She looked bloated, but her behavior didn't change. She released the eggs, and ate a bunch. (I removed the rest, once I saw what was going on.) For the next day or two, her poop was much lighter-colored than normal. She now looks like she's been on a diet (even though she's eating as much as ever), and her activity level is the same as usual.

If you notice anything strange going on though, definitely tell us. If the bloating and light-colored poop don't go away in a day or so, or if her behavior or appearance changes in any way, this may indicate a parasite issue or some other problem.
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Old 05-10-2013, 04:33 PM   #3 
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She did thin down after a few days, so I think it was just eggs. My sister has a male of the same species. Would it be hard to breed them? And if not, how hard are the babies to take care of?
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There is a section on this forum where you can ask for more specifics, but to answer your question, breeding bettas is a massive undertaking. I have never bred bettas myself, but talk to any of the breeders here and they will tell you that it requires a lot of time, money, and commitment. I suggest you research and prepare heavily before you decide to breed them. Good luck. :)

Here is a great thread all about breeding considerations and supplies:
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