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BBS is hard to condition with because it is so small. If you can't get live adult brine shrimp try frozen bloodworms and frozen beef heart.
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Agree.. frozen foods should be fine.

When you condition them, are they in sight of each other 24/7 or do you card them and only let them see one another for short periods of time once a day?

Is the female eggy when you release her? Or is she chubby from eating a lot?

Barring isn't always breeding mode - barring expresses different meanings to them, so as mentioned you will have to look at other signs such as him trying to lead her to the nest and her wanting to follow, etc.

Is the male showing aggression to the female while she is separated? Such as flaring nonstop and slapping the container with his body? Or does he come, flare/dance then rush back to the nest and sort of looks back at her?

It's common and normal for them to do a lot of chasing one another and fighting/biting during the process.. why it's not uncommon for the female to die during or right after a spawn. Unless the pair is used to breeding and experienced, they usually have to figure things out and work through the process of bringing her to submission and her then gaining enough confidence to approach the nest and breed.

If the female isn't eggy then the male will either have nothing to do with her or try to harm her to get her away from his territory.

But chasing, biting of fins and body is normal.. just as long as they do their dance - playing follow the leader, trying to lead to the nest, he comes and does a "swim by flaring" where he comes up to her and shows her his fins and tries to get her to follow.. if they do that then leave them be and let them figure it out. Disturb them as little as possible. I like to tape a dish towel to the front of the tank with masking tape and leave an inch or two at the top for me to peek in and not disturb them.

If he is just out for blood.. so to speak.. then pull her and recondition them, make sure she is really eggy and ready before placing her in the tank.

Make sure you aren't conditioning the male in the breeding tank either, found it best to introduce them both to the breeding tank around the same time - I personally do it immediately, let him set up territory with her in the chimney.

Sometimes it can be tricky to work out the kinks to get it started.. took me a bit to figure out what works best for me, but my way didn't work for some others who have tried it, and I can't breed in the "tradition" way of a 10g with hiding places, etc. Even my conditioning is different.. I don't do the "viewing" of each other for 5-10 minutes a day, but rather not allow them to see any other fish at all for 5-7 days before breeding them, while I condition them. So just continue to try, look at different ways others breed and try to see if you can make your own way :)
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If you feel they are ready, let them loose and at it lol. I usually let them nip and rip each other for 2 days at most before separation. I have had the male killed the female and vice versa. It can get frustrating my friend.
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