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Old 05-10-2013, 09:18 PM   #491 
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Location: Merlin, Oregon
I recently (last 6mos or so) purchased 2 2.5gal vases...the kind that look a bit like a pear (widest in the rounded middle or 2/3 down) at goodwill. I have each one under a grow light and am actually able to grow wisteria, crypts, a small sword, and floating plants like water lettuce. All my vases and tanks have heaters. At Walmart I found a 2gal (over 2ft tall and about 1ft diameter) cylindrical vase for like 12$ in which I have live plants and silk ones.
I find I have to do a bit of moving the fish around to see who is most comfortable in the different set-ups, but if you pay attention, it is pretty easy to figure out what each betta needs....they are very much individuals and it can be fun to find out how to meet their needs.

My bettas can be in anything from a 1gal vase/bowl to a 5gal tank or a 10gal divided. I prefer NPTs but many of my fish are Aquabid bettas straight from Thailand breeders, and they have seen nothing bigger than a jar and are not ready (nor equipped) to handle a larger tank.
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I'm so happy this thread was made!
I've got:
a 1g with a Delta/EE {ish?} male, Astro.
another 1g with a Crowntail male, Phineas.

They're both happy and healthy. Phineas has been in his 1g, perfectly happy with no health issues for over a year. I got Astro four months ago, finding him in the back of the shelf of PetSmart with nasty water and some fin damage. He is surprisingly active now, with his fins healed and both of their colors are rather vibrant. They make bubble nests a lot, too.(: This just goes to show that these fish can still be happy without a huge tank!

They have the exact same tank, that came with a filter that I know is rather unnecessary. Strangely enough, I noticed that both of them began to nip their fins and became a bit lethargic without the filter. So I keep it on a few hours a day, with some fake plants stifling the current. Do you guys think that is okay? I'm getting heaters for them eventually, but currently I have two lamps which keeps the water at roughly 79 degrees. Plus, my room is quite warm and they have lights in their tank that also give them some warmth. I do frequent water changes. They're fed omega 1 pellets and the occasional bloodworm.

Where I keep them is on a shelf, that does not have much space- but, I'm planning on moving them up to 2gs if I get the chance and find ones that fit nicely on the shelf - that's the only place I can keep them.

Anywho, pictures!

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I'm glad that someone decided to speak up about smaller tanks, this has gone unheard for much too long, in my opinion. Not all betta keepers can afford to have large tanks in their home, but this doesn't make them a bad owner, does it? I think not. The way the betta keeper cares for his/her betta is a lot more important than the size (unless the fish can barely move in the "tank" he/she has). Let's not judge someone from how they appear in the beginning, make an effort to understand the methods he/she uses to care for bettas first.

If you think about it, a smaller tank (1-2 gallons) accompanied by the proper care is still far better than the cold, filthy, cups that they're kept in at the store. Whether the tank is on the smaller side or not, you're still making an improvement in a betta's life.

My betta, Junior, is kept in a 2.5 gallon Aqueon Mini Bow that I bought due to the fact that I didn't have a lot of money at the time and it was on sale at Meijer. I knew that most people would prefer to see me get a bigger tank than that, but I bought it anyway, despite what I was told by experienced keepers (they said that the minimum tank size was a 5 gallon). When he was first introduced to the 2.5 gallon, Junior was happier than ever before, and he's thriving in it still.

I take the time to care for Junior to the best of my knowledge. I have a heater keeping the water at a steady 80F, I make weekly 100% water changes and have a filter to help keep the tank clean when I don't change the water. Junior is fed granules or flakes once a day and has plenty of fake plants to relax in. Those who take care of their bettas shouldn't be targeted for having a smaller tank, especially when there are people out there with 5-10 gallon tanks who never lift a finger to maintain them. It really gets on my nerves when I'm told that I'm a bad owner just because of my tank size. There are other facters that make a bad owner!
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Old 05-11-2013, 07:48 PM   #494 
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Location: Merlin, Oregon
Way to go Labelle! Very nicely put and I couldn't agree more!

In addition: I would like to remind people that pretty much all commercially purchased bettas come from Thai betta breeders....where they start life in a pond, but as soon as they begin to fight with each other, they are put into very small jars, and then are either sold in bulk to petsmart, etc or are moved to slightly bigger jars for deciding if they are show worthy, breeding worthy, or if they will be auctioned (like on Aquabid or to other breeders) ....or if they'll be culled (euthanized). This is their life and I have purchased enough bettas on Aquabid to know that the beauties I get straight from Thailand breeders are treated about the same as the ones from petco/petsmart....the bettas from these sources usually(not always) freak out if put in water more than 2.5gal at first...they hide for a couple of days. I get much less stressed fish if I start them off in 2.5g or less and then move them up from there.
Also, USA breeders, I can assure you, don't have the room to put all their bettas in 5g or larger...It's just not cost effective.

I think every betta is different and therefore has different requirements and is up to us as owners to "listen" to our bettas to find the perfect set-up for each one.
That being said, it is the quality of the water, not the quantity, that is most important!
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Old 05-12-2013, 02:48 PM   #495 
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I think small tanks are fine as long as proper water changes are done and the tank is a reasonable temperature. I personally can't keep up with anything smaller than 2 gallons, so I just go for the biggish tanks, and prefer to give my own Bettas 5+ gallons if I can. At the moment though, I have a 2 gallon "critter keeper" holding my female CT, Pi. I'm also setting up a 2 gallon like Pi's for my new baby, Spudinski. (He's the one in my profile pic.) Pi will stay in the critter keeper until I can set up a 20 gallon long divided aquarium, when she will have 5 gallons to herself. Spud will live in the critter keeper until he gets bigger. Then I'll put him in a 5-10 gallon. :)

Here's Pi's:

And here's the one Spud will be going into, minus the hammock. (The java moss will be replaced by some nice hornwort. )

Nice thread, Sena! :)

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Sometimes, people have no choice but to get a small tank or bowl. Like the school I'm headed to, they have a strict 2 gallon maximum on fish tanks.

My 1.6 gallon has been refurnished for the doubletail I bought from Petco yesterday. He doesn't look very good right now, but hopefully his new home will cheer him up.
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Old 05-12-2013, 08:08 PM   #497 
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Love this thread!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I hae 10 boys. 6 are in the pet carriers (3 gallons) and 4 are in the one gallon tanks that come with filter, lighting.

I do have a question. My 6 in the pet carriers I have noticed if there is no filter there developes a film on top of the water. I feed once a day a few pellets (they won't eat worms or flakes.....go figure). I do all 10 tanks 2-3 times a week cleaning with siphon and water changes. It can get to be much when time is short so I do them late at night.

I want to use filters for my 3 gallon tanks and am using the marine 25i's. Hate them because the outflow of water falls in front of the intake and nothing is sucked in the filter. Poor layout. My other four tanks have the aqueon filters with the long tube and cleans out those 1 gallons beautifully. Some have suggested sponge filters but if I understand right, it's like an airstone but the sponge helps with the whole water, nitrates, bacteria thing. I want a filter to help out and clean and suck out some of the little particles. Can anyone suggest filters please.

BTW, all of my boys have 3 different silk plants. They love to sleep on them. There is one ornament in each tank that they can swim through. All have lighting and no heaters. They are all in my bedroom. I live in here so the heat is always around 78 degrees.

When I sit on the floor in front of each tank my boys come over to the glass and puff out their faces once to say hi. They are the cutest things. They affect me like someone getting a new puppy. Just love them. I look forward to any help you can give regarding filters. I will post pics. Never thought to take pics of the tanks themselves just my boys so will post as soon as I take pics. Again, super great thread!!! Lyn
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I think we are all responsible owners or we wouldn't be here on a board. We wouldn't ask questions, post pictures, etc.
I like the 2 gallon/2.5 gallon ones I get, at Walmart for 4.00. They are tall and wide. There is plenty of room for plants, small heater and plenty of air. I siphon daily, add IAL every water change, which is up to 3 times a week. My bettas aren't fed pellets or flakes, but get frozen or live food. So, I know they are happy. For my "picky" guy, he didn't seem to like his 2 gallon so, I gave him a 3 gallon, which looks like a giant brandy glass. He thrived and immediately loved the size but, heat-wise, it wasn't able to keep a sustainable temp. So, I ended up putting him a 2.5 gallon divided aquarium. That way, the temp was set but, he had the room he wanted in width.
As long as you are caring for your fish, as a loving owner, I think that is all that matters. Also, I have seen many bettas in tiny cups, waiting for sale. I think mine were ecstatic to get into a clean home, with plants and IAL, where natural light could come in (not direct) and still have a place that was clean and they are able to move around quite well.
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Old 05-13-2013, 12:24 AM   #499 
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Location: Merlin, Oregon
Lyn: a good sponge filter will also help to remove particles from the water as well as giving a place for nitrifying bacteria to colonize. When you do a water change, take sponge out and squeeze/rinse multiple times in bucket of "dirty" tank water, then put back in, I have Natural Planted Tanks with dirt under sand as substrate so I usually have quite a dirty sponge in my larger cycled tanks, but luckily, I have non-chlorinated water so I'll just rinse my sponges under faucet. If you have chlorinated water or well water that has metals or other contaminants, DO NOT RINSE under'll have to use aged water.

I've also had great luck with internal filters such as the small/mini one made by Fluval and now aqueon has one as well. They are relatively tall and the intake is towards the bottom so they work well in getting the particles.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I looked up the two internal filters and they are exactly what I would have bought if not for the price. I had my bettas before I lost my job but am committed to taking care of them the way they should. I was originally going to use sponge filters but they required pumps, water backups, tubing....... I felt they would do as good a cleaning as the two filters you mentioned. I have 4 of my boys in a one gallon aqueon tank that came with filter, lighting. For the money, I can get a tank for a few dollars less with a filter that really is great. But to buy 6 of them, I'm very conflicted right now.
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1 gallon, fish bowl

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