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Exclamation Please help

I have a new betta and wasn't advised to cycle the tank beforehand. i am doing regular every other day wc to keep levels down during the cycle. I have just got home from work and one of my bettas ventral fins is curling upward. His fins also look slightly droopy and he doesn't swim around that much and stays at the top in his floating log. I dont know if this is because he is still settling in. He hasn't eaten today either. I love my betta and want him to be ok, could I please have some advice on what to do. There is no ammonia in tank, just high levels of nitrite and nitrate. I have been keeping them down with wc. I also use de chlorinator and anti stress. I have a 5 gal tank.
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Some Bettas fins will curl in hard water. I have a VT with curled fins because I have really hard water. When you say high nitrites & nitrates what exactly are the numbers? Are you using a liquid test kit? High nitrites & too high nitrates are dangerous for a fish. If you are getting nitrites >.5 or nitrates >40 you should be doing a water change even it its daily. If they are exceptionally high you may have to do more than one water change in a day. What water conditioner are you using? How long have you had your Betta? It is possible he had a disease when purchased & its just now showing up depending how long you've had him.
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How much water do you change during each water change?

How do you acclimate (reintroduce) him after the water changes? What procedure do you use?
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help betta fish

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