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Reference Team
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I suppose I do treat my boy like a child. I came to this realization when he had been having a tantrum and he flared at me. I caught myself saying 'Don't you flare at me young man!' in my best parent voice until I realized what i was doing and burst into laughter.
Being on my desk where I both study and spend a lot of my free time playing games he is always there and lights up whenever I say something to him. How could I ever look at a creature that dances with joy when I come home as something other than my little angel?
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My first big boy Louis was left on my doorstep in a basket so I took him in.
He does always clean his plate at meals, so that's good, but sometimes he'll come up to the front of his tank and flare. I'm like: "don't stick your tongue out at me young man... no TV for you tonight"
My second little boy Sawyer is so well mannered, doesn't even flare, (also cleans his plate) and happy go lucky, "yes you can watch your favorite program and stay up late for another" Wait..... I don't even have TV, Hmmm......

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Sena Hansler
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For any animal of mine, I treat them well. Not as children. The saying "they are like my kids!" is more metaphorical... Meaning, they love their fish dearly and spoil them. In actuality if you spoil your human kids rotten, they will turn out rotten. But again, metaphor. So they aren't truly treated as such, but in a human lovey dovey way.

My fish aren't left in a cold bowl, not cleaned for months. I don't subject any of my animals to cruelty. If they are in smaller containers (I currently have a half gallon quarantine used until tonight, and a 2 gallon) they have heaters, it is cleaned appropriately, plus when I have it banana leaves and IAL are usually used, plus higher end foods including frozen.

So I guess all in all, they are being treated as creatures of this world that deserve to live a fullfilled life, rather than suffer terribly.
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I treat my fish like they are... my friends, in a way. They are all living things that are dependent on me to sustain their life, and so I do that to the best of my ability. They are living things and I respect them for that. I don't really treat them like children, I just treat them well and to the best of my ability. And I get great joy from doing so!
And fish are friends. But I love sushi, so I keep bettas as pets and white tuna as food. Sorry, Bruce.
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Charlie the Tuna has GOOD TASTE! :)
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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
It's not so unique - Cichlids, goldfish, loaches, just to name a few, all share those qualities. Bettas are very personable, no doubt, but once you've kept cichlids and goldfish, you'll see what I mean
Agree goldfish are way more personable than bettas. <3
Also pets live a life of luxury, kids shouldn't be that spoiled.
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I don't really treat my fish like children but I do talk to them and I'm very attached to them. I love them all and it's going to kill me to give them up even though I'll be getting more. Each one is special in his own way.
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Old 05-18-2013, 11:45 AM   #28 
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I have children and pets. My children think they have it wayyy harder than my fish! They have rules and discipline. My fish get so swim around in warm water in an aqua palace. They can do what ever they want without consequence. They don't get time outs or reprimanded. My children unfortunately hear the word "no" more than they like, do get time outs for misbehavior and have to follow rules. They have a hard life *eye roll*

Reality: My fish are treasured pets. All pets should be treasured. That is the purpose of a pet. If you aren't going to treasure and love your pet whether it be fish, cat or dog, than you shouldn't have a pet. Some animals are kept as service animals or a way of income. I understand that those animals are not treated like pets because they aren't. Unless you are a breeder, these fish don't fall into those categories and should be treated like an aquatic member of the family. They may have lower treatment standards than a human but they should have the highest treatment standards possible for a fish.
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Old 05-18-2013, 12:13 PM   #29 
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I don't have any children, but I do have three little brothers who I love very much, and helped raise. I love my fish as I love my other pets, but to say I love them as much as my brothers would be a preposterous thing to say. To quote Jexx, they are my treasured pets, and I love and care for them very much, and I try my best to give them as high quality a life as I can. I know that they won't live as long as my dog or my cat, and that I can't cuddle with them, but they are still very sweet, responsive creatures, and all are very beautiful in their own way. I could be having a bad day, but when I come home, I watch them swimming all carefree, or doing the "feed me" dance, or even zooming around as if they're welcoming me home, and I feel at peace. It's a great feeling for a person to have.
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Sena Hansler
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Jexx: Well, you know, if kids could not talk and did everything as they were supposed to, and did not turn out rotten when spoiled... They'd have it the same as our fish
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