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Old 05-18-2013, 03:37 PM   #11 
Reference Team
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People have already answered your questions on changing the water, but having followed your thread I would say a massive no to purchasing discus.

Discus are a sensitive fish and require pristine water and an owner with experience to thrive. If you read a few discus forums you will see they are not just a fish you can chuck in a tank and forget about.

Also as mentioned, a 30 gallon tank is much too small for discus. They can grow surprisingly large.
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fish keeper 2013
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Discus minimun tank size is 75 gallons, 30 gallons is too small. That stocking plan sounds good if you take away the discus.

Also, regarding the test strips, you don't know of they are giving you accurate readings or not, it is impossible to tell without any other form of testing. One day your ammonia could be 5 ppm even if the test strip shows 0, and you would never know. In my opinion it is worth investing the time and money into a testing system you can trust.
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Ok, after reading all the advise of my fishy friends members here like me I will refrain from buying Discus, they just look so beautiful, I will make my 30 gallon aquarium a peaceful community tank, some Tiger Brab's, Some Neon Tetras, Some Ghost Shrimp, My Female Bettas, Two Gold Mystery Snails, and my Pleco. I know Tiger Barbs are semi aggressive and female Bettas are semi aggressive, but I think they would get along since they only grow 3 inch's max and will each have there own schools and territory in the tank.
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Tiger Barbs aren't a good idea to keep with bettas, even in a large tank. Tiger barbs are IMO, more aggressive than semi-aggressive. They will nip and attack any thing with flowing fins basically. Females would cope more but it's still not a good idea. Some Cory Catfish or other peaceful fish would be better.
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Old 05-18-2013, 05:04 PM   #15 
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What about Cherry Barbs? They're really pretty and considered docile. There are a few others if you Google "peaceful barbs." I can vouch for the Cherry Barbs; had them in an aquarium with guppies and there was no nipping of tails.
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OK, I'll check the Cherry Barbs then, thanks for the great advice because I love the way Barbs look and really want some. I just Youtube Cherry Barbs and loved them definitely will be getting Cherry Barbs.

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