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Moving to a new house, then college! Help!

Mid July, I'll be moving house. It's only about a 5 minute drive, if even, but the drive from home to college is about an hour. I'm sure my fish will be fine, and the worst I'm sure could happen is my shrimp dying.

I plan on cupping my bettas, bagging the shrimp and snails, then the plants and gravel will go in an empty ice cream bin. Hopefully, anyway. I have to get one and clean it out first. I may just leave the gravel in the tank, but I do want to clean it really well first, so I'm not quite sure.

It's a 10 gallon tank, currently divided in half, but soon to be divided into three parts, once my baby Norman grows big enough to not be able to wiggle in between the dividers. The tank currently houses two bettas, two zebra nerite snails, and 7 ghost shrimp. Soon, it will have another betta, and possibly more shrimp, if Norman doesn't think they're a meal and the shrimp actually stay where I put them.

But my problem is, is it okay to tear down the tank in mid July, put it back together that same day (hopefully), and then tear it down again in the end of August? Will that stress them too much? I'm not sure what else to do. I'm allowed to take them with me to college, and I'm sure they'll do okay on the trip there, since the trip home from the LFS is about an hour, and even longer from Petco to home (where I got Norman).

I don't have a test kit, but I'm pretty sure the tank is cycled. I have a bunch of live plants, and I've been using the same filter cartridge for over a month. It does need to be changed soon, since it's starting to look really nasty, but I'm prepared for that. I'll just stick the new one in with it for a while, then take out the nasty one. Hopefully that'll work to transfer the BB easily. I do, however, plan on scrubbing everything down when I move. I'm thinking in that time, Norman will be big enough to be able to move in with them. I want to make sure that there isn't any way that any of them could get sick, but I don't know if scrubbing it down will really help. There is algae everywhere though, so I do want to try to get rid of it.

Is there anything else I should do or could do to make the moves easiest on the bettas, shrimp, and snails? I don't want them to get sick or too stressed.
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Hi, I just move my 50 some bettas & multiple tanks a couple weeks ago & had to ask for advice too, so maybe I can help you out.

First, if you tank is cycled you don't really want to loose all the good bacteria when you move, right? (I'm not real knowledgeable about cycled tanks) If I'm right about that do not scrub your rocks and decorations clean before the move. The bacteria live on these, so you will be washing away all of it. You also don't want it to dry out, so I would pack the rocks & whatever else in some of their tank water for the move. A big ice cream tub should still work & I don't believe you need to keep all the rock in there & wet, but you want to make sure you still have some of your good bacteria to start over. Just like with your filter change. You should be safe scrubbing away the algae though.

For your short move you should really have nothing to worry about. You know how to acclimate your fish and all that, so I think you have that well in hand.

I understand your concern about moving them again so soon, but people do 100% water changes weekly sometimes. They have to tear everything down and move the betta around then too, so I don't think the 2 moves will be that bad on them. If you can get a cooler to put all the bettas, snails, & shrimps in their bags. That will help maintain their temp on the trip. You want to make sure the live plants stay wet too, but I'm sure you have that covered as well.

It really seems to me that you have everything well thought out & planned though. The only other advice I can offer is that the source where you get your tap water may change when you go off to college. I never thought about this myself, but that will change the parameters of the water you start out with & the bettas may need to be acclimated more slowly because of that. If you can move some of their tank water with them (I had baggies full of nothing but water when I moved. lol) it should help them acclimate better as well.
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