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Old 05-16-2013, 05:18 PM   #11 
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No, I still think its discriminatory. Most restaurants have fish or shrimp on their menu even with a lot of people either allergic or in distaste of it. Those who choose to go out with their friends always have that option, not the case with vegetarians.

If we remove the word "vegetarian", you can go to any restaurant and say "allergic" to chicken and BAM you have chef specials available to you without ever coming into contact with chicken. There is a stigma attached to the word "vegetarian" and "vegan" that I think people need to start overlooking.
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+1. Large numbers of Hindus, for instance, are vegetarian, as a requirement of their religion. That's not so much a choice as a deep-rooted part of who they are. In my case, I refuse to eat meat for ethical reasons, and that, too, is not so much a choice as a compulsion. I'm not trying to stop other people from eating their meaty meals, and I'm not sure how places carrying a vegetarian or vegan option would prevent that. Case in point: Subway, Zambreros, Opporto - all carry vegetarian options.
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Yes, but being allergic to a food can involve death so yes a restaurant will have specials practices for those plagued by food allergies because it's not good PR for a restaurant to have its patrons die. I think the stigma attached to vegetarians partially and vegans mostly is mostly brought on by themselves and allowing the nutjobs at PETA, for example, to be the loudest voices. Another strike against vegs is that many make carnis feel guilty for enjoying meat. I want to enjoy my burger without getting the evil eye or the shameful shaking of the head or the exasperated "I can't believe she's eating that, that poor cow" sigh.
@Bomba it's not that, but, to me, calling an eatery discriminatory simply because they choose not have a vegetarian/vegan option is not correct. Again simply because they are not choosing to cater to someone's lifestyle choice.
Totally random, it's weird to have a friendly discussion without insults being thrown and people stalking off angry.

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Originally Posted by Freyja View Post
I think it depends on the eatery as well. If I own a burger joint or a greasy spoon, why would I carry vegetarian products, aside from burger toppings, when it is a realistic expectation that neither vegetarians nor vegans will eat at my place of business? If it is the lady's place of business, she has every right to not serve vegetarian food and it is not discriminatory in the least. She chooses to keep her costs down, because vegan food is expensive.
The thing is our school is very much full of hippies, the amount of vegetarians we have is very large, she works for the school not for herself and the school have told her that she should stock more vegetarian options but she goes against their word and goes out and buys more meat!
I in fact enjoy eating at burger joints as where I am they have an option for me that my boyfriend(who eats meat) says it taste better then what he gets.
From what I know of her she was/is a vegetarian herself she her views just confuse me.
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