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Question My new boy :)

Sadly, my little red boy who I loved dearly and was very special to me 'Flame' died, he stayed strong, suffered for 1 week holding on to his dear life, waiting for me to come home after my exams... And when he saw me he did his final 'Kiss face' and stop breathing.. He will never be forgotten and will always be on the top of mind..

I bought a new boy, today, he was $25 and I ended up spending about $100+ for some cherry barbs and other fish for my 55 gallon, when I picked him up I saw something special, it was ether him or another giant betta which had the most vibrant, yet beautiful red I seen, I picked him, I love him dearly, I named him "Toby." Out of all of them he was on the side of the shelf of all the other 200 bettas, next to him was a poor small betta that was in a container with a giant betta! His bottom fins were stripped and torn off from the giant betta, I picked up the container and in-front of my eyes the big betta continued to chase trying to rip of more of his fin! I took the container and brought the 2 bettas I found and told a man, he took them and I told him "I think these guys jumped in the same container" and he simply replied disgusted for whoever did this saying "No, someone put him in here" then he scrambled for another container..

Anyways, this is my new betta Toby.

Okay, for Toby, I am scared if I am going to screw up and kill Toby or wreck is beautiful fins! Right now I will tell you the set-up, of my tank.

3 Gallon Aquarium. Tetra, has a light on top.

3 Plastic plants, 1 castle which Toby hides in... (Flame loved that Castle.)

1 Filter, it's a bio-bag filter, but the only bio-bag I have rotten out, the middle of the bag is green! And it's wrecked, is there anyway I can put a regular, cleaning sponge (I will take it out of a package, not a used one, a bran new one..) or something in it temporarily until I get another bio-bag?

1 Tetra Whisper 2 - 15 gallon heater, I put it in the tank, I got it maybe about less then a month ago, and it only worked for 1 - 3 days? Now I don't even know if it works... ? Anyone know if it works or how to get it properly working
? :(

3 Plastic decorations - Like the filter, they got this green slime, that covered the plastic plants like 'jello' it was weird, I completely clean them off, ripped off the parts that had them, and put it in hot water, anyone know how this was created???

Ether way, this is my tank set-up, I don't have a bio-bag in the filter, so it's just running without a bio-bag in it. I never thought this filter actually did anything, besides make the water crystal clear. Also the tank is still cloudy and it's been hours, no difference, it's not that cloudy though.

I just want to keep Toby from getting fin-rot, sick, unhealthy, inactive..etc I don't want to lose him, I want to have him for a good 2 years, not 5 months.. So is there anyway to keep him away from this? I want to get him this 5 gallon aquarium which is fabulously stunning, but it's $160+ (Tanks in Canada are really expensive! While you can get a better tank at Walmart in the U.S for $20 it really sucks, honestly ...)

The food I only have at the moment; Tetra BettaMin Tropical Medley, Tetra Floating Mini Pellets.


1. Anyone had problems with this heater before? Anyway to know it's properly working, or to get it working, a red light use to come on and everything, then one day I unplugged the heater, and then took it out of the tank, and cleaned Flame's tank, then the filter light would go on for 2 seconds and stop, I am not completely sure it's because of my living rooms outlet, because, well it's pretty crappy.

2. What should I do about the filter? Can I temporaily put in a cleaning spondge (A bran new one, still in package) in the filter until I get a real bio-bag, I forgot to pick one up at Pet Habitat, I wont be able to go back for a while, as it's expensive, and not only that I have a lot of work, exams, and a bunch of other stuff coming up....

3. Is there any betta fish food that makes the colors more vibrant?

4. Is the food I have okay?

5. Anyone know what this slime stuff is?

6. Do you think he's breeding worthy? I actually never bred bettas, but I wonder if I get a 'milky' white female which I saw at Pet Habitat and breed him if they would make nice fry's or should I not breed? I do understand it's a lot of work.
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Ikrrr, Canadian tanks are so overpriced. I look at those PetCo tank prices and cry.
What was the tank you're thinking of getting?

1. I thiiink I have that heater for one of my tanks. It was acting up the first couple days, but now it keeps my tank at a solid 78F, so you should be okay. Make sure to unplug the heater and leave it in the water 15 minutes before taking it out (instructions I read)

2. Actually no clue lmao, sorry.

3. Idk, but NutraFin Max really made my betta's colours pop. Also Omega One flakes are pretty good.

4. Your food should be okay.

5. Probably algae (?)

6. Idk about breeding quality lmao and it's hard to say without seeing him healed up or knowing his genetic background, but if you decide to, make sure you have the proper set up.

Hope I helped >.<

And I'm really sorry for your loss. You definitely loved Flame a lot.
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I'm planning on purchasing the "Hawkeye 5 gal Aquarium Kit" it seems big enough, I just heard the filter is a bit strong for a betta, but I will rig it. It's $26.00 in the states, so it looks like I will be visiting this week.. I will think about Nutrafin Max, I seen it around, never got my fish to try it.

So is the filter damaged?
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I would switch his plants from plastic to silk. plastic tends to catch their fins and tear them. Good luck, he's really pretty!
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