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Old 05-20-2013, 06:42 PM   #1 
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First time Betta Owner!

Well...that's not completely true. I'm 15. When I was younger I had several bettas but they all died because i didn't know how to properly care for them (I kept them in bowls, fed them tropical fish flakes, didn't have a heater,etc. You see my problems). Now I have done my research and I am fully prepared for a new betta. Now my question is, what is the best type of betta for my age? I am going to keep him/ her in a ten gallon tank with silk plants, a heater, but no filter because I can't afford that and feed him betta pellets and blood worms as treats. Any advice for me as a "first time" betta owner and some things that people never talk about that I might have to deal with? Thanks in advance!
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the different tail types don't have different requirements so you can pick whatever type you like!! I'm 13 and I have all different types not every type but that's just because I prefer the others!!

my advice to you is to pick which ever fish speaks to you!! you may be drawn to a fish that you didn't like at first but you'll regret not getting him/her if you pick a different just because you like the colors!!

It sounds like you have everything you need except a filter. it isn't a must have to start with but you'll need to get one as soon as you can!!
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If you have $15 or so to spare, consider a sponge filter. Absolutely fantastic for bettas due to producing a very low current, provide heaps of space for beneficial bacteria, and best of all, very cheap to buy and run. It will save you a lot of work in the long term.
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One suggestion, unless you already have a 10 gallon tank. Wal-Mart has a 10 gallon tank set-up for 27.00. It comes with the tank, lid, filter, net, and trial size food packets. It's an exceptional deal for that price. They have 5 gallon set up's as well. With that, you would only need to grab a heater and the other items you want to decorate the tank with. Which you could get over time.

Also check Craigslist, people sell tanks with all the items for set up super cheap when they decide to not have fish any longer. It might take awhile to find what you want but would ultimately save you money. We have gotten our 2 big tanks off of craigslist for more than half the price of what they would have been in the store.
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