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Old 05-23-2013, 08:28 AM   #11 
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I don't have heaters, but the temp in the office is fairly warm. Perhaps previous fluctuation in temperature affected him. So many things that can stress them.

Now that I know constant flaring for extended periods can be traumatic, I'll make sure to never leave them together like that again.
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All of my males are or have been in divided tanks. Some fish simply do not take well to them, but I have not had that issue. Hiding spaces are critical, they need to be able to "get away" from the other fish. Your betta probably didn't die of flaring, but rather of stress due to the fact that they don't have heaters, don't have hiding spots, and were exposed to another male. You need a thermometer so that you can determine the temperature of the water, which will be colder then your "warm" room.
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MattsBettas, I know they need heaters. Can you suggest a heater that will safely heat a 1 gal tank? I have not seen any that can be adjusted.
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A thermometer is going to be just as important (well, almost as important) as a heater in this case, so that you can see how much you need to warm the tanks by. As you said, a constant temperature is just as important as a warm one, and the thermometers will give you that kind of information.

Look for a 10 watt heater. :)
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You can also use a 25 watt heater in a 1 gallon provided it fits. I have run 25 watt heaters in tanks that are 1-2 gallons in the past and never had any issues.

I agree that it was probably a culmination of stressors that led to the death of your betta. An unstable temperature can wreak havoc on a betta's immune system, and the lack of heater, coupled with the stress caused by the presence of the other male, would probably have left your betta quite vulnerable.
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