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Question First fully planted tank! Help me choose plants?

I want to make 2 planted tanks, one will be a 30 gallon community, with platies, danios, betta, tetras. The other will be a 20 gallon long, betta sorority.

What plants should I add? I want a good mix, (not really any floating plants, maybe a few in the sorority... However, the sorority has very low lighting, and the community has moderate lighting.. ( I may put floruscent if need be in the community )

What plants should I get? I have regular gravel.. so nothing too fancy?

Here's what I was thinking so far:

Anacharis, Hogwort, javamoss, moss balls (1 in each)..

Would they work for both tanks? :D

Could I use hermit crab, turtle, or any kind of sand for fish tanks? Thanks!


One last thing,

My PetSmart has drift wood, its made for hermit crabs and turtles and stuff, but could i use it for my fish tanks? Also the "stacking" rocks? I really want to make all my tanks look "real"
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I would just be careful putting a Betta in with danios and Tetras. Both are know to be nippy, even if they are in larger groups.

And as far as sand, I've never heard of people using that sand and I don't personally think it's a good idea but we'll see if anyone else has anything to say about it.

Fast growing plants are great so the ones you have are all fast growing, except the moss balls lol. And I assume you mean Hornwort?

Here's some more plants that would work well: Water Wisteria (hygrophilia difformis and the other type as well), Water Sprite (my personal fave), Wendtii, any types of Vallisneria, an Amazon sword or two would be great, Java Fern and Anubias bateri, or compacta, up to you.

The only thing special you might need for the swords would be root tabs but all your other plants would benefit from those as well, except ones that float.

All the plants I mentioned will do fine under moderate lighting, although if you get bronze wendtii it might not turn red, same with Rotala and Ludwigia if you get those, also good stem plants.

In the sorority I highly suggest getting Water Sprite to float for it since your girls will spend most of their time towards the surface, there needs to be lots of break up places so they don't constantly have to look at each other.
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I would also like to make a quick comment on your stocking. :)

Danios prefer cooler water (they are perfectly capable of living in warmer water, but will be longer-lived in about 72F) than the other fish. They also prefer a bit of a current, which bettas hate. They have been known to nip, and their speed can stress bettas out.

Although tetras enjoy similar conditions to bettas, they can also be nipppy, as mentioned by lilnaugrim.

Finally, platies prefer hard, alkaline water - all the other fish you want prefer soft, acidic water. It's an important thing to bear in mind that many new aquarists don't take into account. PM Hallyx if you want a really good explanation as to why it is so important. :)

Some other great low-light plants:
- anacharis
- ambulia
- cabomba
- lacefern
- milfoil

Good luck. :)
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Old 05-26-2013, 11:05 PM   #4 
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I wouldn't use hermit crab or turtle sand. Most of the time these repel water and will float and just generally be bad for aquariums. SUPER fine playsand (will need a lot of prewashing and sifting) or blasting grit (super fine is the only one, I like black diamond brand). are both fine choices, or see if you can find natural river sand (it's not an even grit size so it tends to compact, but is asthetically pleasing as well as alright for planting in)

Anachris and hornwort are cold water plants so they tend to not do well in tropical tanks at first, so be sure to acclimate them sowly to warmer temps when you get them, or get your stems from ones grown in tropical water. Once they are acclimated they'll do fine, but hornwort tends to shed a LOT in warmwater tanks. I like to use anachris in my tanks actually, it is a good bushy backround plant and isn't picky about substrate or lighting conditions.

I really like anubias and java ferns for low light tanks. As a bonus they grow on rocks/driftwood so substrate isn't a concern, and there's a lot of choices between them all. Some crypts will also grow on rocks/driftwood. Java moss is good as well.
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