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Question Needing Info on breeding

I plan on breeding my Copper Monster OHM male with my Copper marble Dragon HM female in July of this year. All I have for breeding is 2 10 gallon tanks for grow out tanks. I have no live food, deli cups, bags, etc. I also have a 40 gallon tank if I need to use as a grow out. I want to know what all do I need and what are your opinions on breeding. I have posted a few pictures of the male and female.
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He's pretty but the top could be more asymmetrical, just see how it goes.
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Reference Team
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The marble guy has a serious spoonhead- not a good thing.

Two tens will get you through a spawn as long as it isn't massive but that's what the fourty would be for. You need need need live foods... Or they will not survive.
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Reference Team
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Definitely get live food cultures a few weeks before you spawn, as you want the cultures to be established and thriving before you need to use them.

I personally like to have MWs, grindals and white worms on hand. Freshly hatched BBS is also a food I use for my fry when they are too big for MWs but not yet big enough for grindals.

I agree that the male doesn't have a very good topline. Not sure how much of an inheritable trait a poor topline is, but it is something you are going to have to keep in mind if you choose to go ahead.

I would be looking at ways of housing multiple males now before you even think of spawning. An awkwardly set-up system that is difficult to clean and maintain can be extremely tiresome and so it is important to plan how you intend on setting things up.
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Old 05-27-2013, 06:34 AM   #5 
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Female also has a spoonhead. I assume they are siblings? If so the spoon head will be even more likely to be passed on
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They are not siblings actually. They are from different breeders. The male is 3.5 months old and the female is over 7 months old
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As mentioned already - live foods are a must, and lots of them.. if you think you have enough, divide the cultures more. I mainly use BBS, Banana and Walter worms - I have 6-8 cultures of each of the worms.. that will get you through the first month or so. After that you can decide if you want to try to get them on manufactured/frozen food or continue to grow them on live foods.. at which time you will need to learn about black, white and grindal worm keeping.

I would use the 40g grow out rather than a 10g if your spawn is larger than 15.. you can grow roughly 5-8 to large sizes in the 10g.. anything more you will want to use the 40g.

They do have spoons/humps which will carry on to the spawn, but you can try to work it out by breeding the best of the babies, and then again the best, etc.. by the 5th or 6th gen you will want to bring in some new genes. But I wouldn't worry too much about their toplines right now unless you were planning to show them. If you are breeding for the love of the fish/hobby then focus on healthy fish. Down the road you can concentrate on getting show fish once you get an understanding of breeding and feel comfortable enough to spend a bit more for show pairs.

But these guys are lovely, have pretty colors/patterns. You fell in love with them and that is what is important. Breed because you want to, as this isn't a hobby to make money by any means. You saw my "experiment" spawn- lots of faults in them, but they were still cute and each one was sold within 24hrs. So don't worry about their topline, worry about that when you go to breed for show.

I don't think I can even begin to list what all I use and need to breed.. small things like q-tips and extra airline hoses come in handy. It's an almost never ending spending spree when it comes to breeding :(
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Well I will be resealing my 40 gallon today/tomorrow. I know it will take most of today to get all the inside silicone off. I have the razor blade with back up blade just in case. I also have the masking tape and I have to go get the right silicone for the tank which I am gonna go to my LFS first to see if they have what I need and not too expensive. Do I need to have a right type of masking tape or razor blades or will any do?
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