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Hey everyone!So my first planted tank was a dirted
38 gallon and long story short all the plants melted.
I think it was a mixture of adding liquid co2,not a proper
photoperiod and to high of temperatures.

Anyway I'm going to be trying again in my 7.9
Fluval EBI nano kit and I just wanted to ask some questions so
my previous experience doesn't repeat itself.

For the substrate I was think of mixing Eco complete and black sand
since I did not like dirt and a sand cap at all(the dirt got all over the sand).
I was also going to use root tabs since I might want to get swords.

I'm not sure what the lighting is on my tank since it was given to me by someone else and it doesn't say on its description on is the Fluval EBI shrimp kit)

For fertilizers I was going to use Flourish(not excel but the one that starts with
a C sorry I don't have time to look it up;).Should I use API fertilizer too?

For my plants I will definently have valliseneria,java moss and fern,Anubis and
Duckweed.Are these plants ok for my water conditions?I would like to have some
other plants as well but I do not know what else to get.I understand
that in a planted tank you need to get the right amount of floating plants,stem plants etc...What are some hardy and easily propagated plants?

For the ihabatants I will have one male betta,two nerite snails and rcs.

I think that covers it.Is this a good setup?Sorry for all the questions I'm just a beginner who really wants a nice planted tank!Also, I you guys have any tips I would greatly appreciate them.Thanks!
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Are these plants ok for my water conditions?
Hi! what exactly are your water conditions?
You are looking for flourish comprehensive...
excel is not a fertilizer but a co2 additive, this will melt a few plants.

Is there a reason you want to use a mix of EC and black sand? I recommend just using EC by itself. if you find this too expensive, you can always use floramax or flourite black. these are packed dry and contains more substrate.

The most important thing you need is a good light around 6500k, with a minimum photo period of 8 hours. this should be put on a timer for consistency.

IMO Vals will grow way too big for an 8 gallon tank...
I would make sure your betta doesnt eat shrimps before you put rcs in. lol...
they'll make an expensive snack ;)

good luck with your new tank :)

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