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Lightbulb Betta plant growing tank??

I am considering using one (or 2) of my tanks as a grow tank for plants for my 75g and wondering will this work.. I have two tanks that seem to be MUCH better then the rest and fast plant growth. All tanks in my house are on timers and have the same perams at this point but one difference I can attribute to the best(my 6g Edge) and the 2nd best(16g ) plant growing tanks is that they are both fully stocked with adult fish(and frogs & snails) and well established. In the edge I have 1 Betta and 1 mystery snail and it's a jungle now! The anacharis was bought for 3 tanks and that one went bananas really fast. Waaaay outgrew the other tanks. And even all the other plants in that tank grew better. Also my 16g has had some awesome success. So now to the point...My 75g is well understocked at the moment because the fish are all young but will grow very large so I wanted to stock according to adult needs. There are many plants that have been there a month and I do use a fertilizer but it grows painfully slow. I have a decent amount of plants coming this week including my two favs(very bright hot pink plants) and wondering given the wildly successful nature of the 6g and maybe the 16 gallon would these plants be able to be planted in those tanks just to jump start their growth then later replant to the larger tank??? Or would the tank change be too much a shock for them?
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No, that would be pretty ideal actually. Imagine buying plants from a store, potential disease/contaminants/snails and more then certainly different water parameters. By growing your own plants you are acting sustainably and cost-effectively!
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Thanks..Thats what I'm thinking... The plants seem to multiply super fast in the edge and I would love to see the hot pink ones in almost all my tanks :) . Already thinking of taking some of the anacharis from the edge and throwing into a few ohter tanks. I don't get why it's so good because that one never gets fertilizer (except the natural kind) and doesn't have any special lighting... just LED lights that it comes with.
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