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Old 05-26-2013, 09:26 AM   #1 
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No more!

My experience with big box store Bettas is not good & I will not purchase anymore from Petsmart or Petco & i refuse to start purchasing them from wal-Mart. While I am relatively new, IMO, to Bettas, a little more than a year experience, I find it hard to believe I am not properly caring for them. I am about to lose another Betta, a male VT who've I had right around a year, he is currently in dropsy mode which I know is an end result of something else. EVERY Betta, I've purchased from Petsmart or Petco die within 6 months to a year after bringing them home. I have tanks that are filtered & heated with some tanks having live plants & others silk. I do regular weekly water changes, feed pellets & frozen foods. I test the water in my cycled tanks on occasion & daily in a tank that may be cycling. The males share their tanks with snails, the females are in a sorority with some snails & 2 CAE's. I know I'm not the perfect fish keeper but I also know I do a darn good job. My local LFS's don't appear to be much better with how they keep their Bettas than Petsmart & Petco but I'm going to purchase one & see if they may be better bred. OK, I'm done with my rant.
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There is widespread disease and problems with mass produced bettas for big box stores, including walmart. I'm glad you have decided to boycott PetCo and PetSmart :) The more who do so, the better.
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The bettas at the petco here are generally pretty healthy and clean. I've sort of made buddies with the usual fish guy and he's awesome and knows his stuff for real. He wasn't there one day and the girl they had filling in for him was horrid. I was getting my dwarf gourami and a boy and his dad were getting a betta and they picked him out and asked her what they needed and they got the usual crap answers from her.
This was when petco was having their $1 per gallon sale and I walked over to them after she left and told them about the sale and explained how they were better off getting a 10 gallon and 5 or so corys and told them what accessories they needed. I made that sale for petco I'll never understand why they won't hire me lol.
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