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Betta and Frog...

I recently added my betta into my tank with 3 platys, 2 kuhli loaches and an african dwarf frog he is completely fine except every once in a while he will come up to the frog and nip at him. usually only once or twice. other times he completely ignores the frog. the frog can definatly out swim him, doesnt even seem to mind getting nipped at... (wont even move somtimes) and the frog has places he can hide in if nessacary. im thinking i will leave the betta in there, since it doesnt seem to be cuasing a huge problem what do you guys think.
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Should be fine. He he flaring when he nips, or does it look more like a kiss? If he is flaring then keep a close eye on it. If not and the frog does not seem to mind then he is just using lips and not teeth.
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A lot of fish investigate "things" by nipping at it, if the frog doesn't mind then it's probably no problem
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Both of my adf just lay there and let all the fish 'investigate' them, it doesn't seem to bother the frog.
My betta would go to his bridge and see the frog and then leave then come back later i guess to check if he'd moved from his spot.
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