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Originally Posted by Perseusmom View Post
Good question AyalaCookiejar and glad you bought it up because a few days ago I got one of the glow in the dark rocks, its white with blue kinda swirled around it. I am planning on changing out a couple of my decorations and going with a blue theme for Perseus`s tank home and I really love this rock cause it has holes in it he can swim though and he loves to swim though things. But I never stopped to think about what chemicals could be on it to make it glow, I was not going after the glow part really I just really loved this rock and knew Perseus would enjoy it because of the holes, I got it at Walmart of

I am going to search on goggle and see if I can find out for sure if they are safe or not because I am the world`s worst worrier when it comes to my I have not put it in the tank yet by the way. Surely they would not sell anything that could be harmful to fish but you never know it always pays to find out for sure !
What causes things to glow in the dark are phosphors; Zinc Sulfide and Strontium Aluminate. It's either of those two that make things glow. Strontium Aluminate is the newer phosphor. All a phosphor does is radiate visible light after having been "charged" under a light. In essence, it absorbs light for a limited amount of time, which is why the glow of the item fades after a while. The phosphors are perfectly safe for aquariums when in a solid form (Like the moon cave and in plastic beads or pebbles). Obviously, liquid form is deadly, even dangerous for us humans. So don't go dropping glow sticks in your aquarium. Those plastic chambers end up leaking after a while.

However, moon cave, glow in the dark beads and pebbles, even those glow in the dark stars and the like, are all aquarium safe. Just make sure the stars don't have any glue-type residue on them. best bet is to buy new ones that come without a sticky side, or the ones that come with a paste you have to personally apply to the stars. Just dump the paste and rinse the stars, pebbles, whatever and put them in. They look nice at night or if you have a black light.

I have a black light in my room, and the light illuminates the tanks and makes everything glow that is meant to or is the right white or neon shade. if you manage to get that right white shade in a betta, it's AMAZING.

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Krys thanks so very much you have saved us loads of research into finding out if these glow in dark decorations are safe for our fish Perseus thanks you too I know he is going to love his new glow in the dark rock cause he can swim though it when I do put get it into his home this week. I love black lights I am going to put that on my shopping list
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Black lights can get expensive. I have a florescent one that could fit in a 20 gal. hood. But it's on my wall.
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In my experience, Betta take comfort in dark areas. caves that are black on the inside they tend to love. If it's white inside and light can get in it, they don't like it so much.
I've noticed him in it alot more lately. I put in a black stone oil warmer and he liked it at 1st but then he started acting funny so I was afraid it was maybe leaching stuff into his water so I took it out and did a big water change and now hes fine and actually using his moon cave. not every day but hey atleast its getting used. his favorite place is still behind the filter. I got him a betta hammock and he ignored it until I flipped it over and now I catch him chillin on it and he built a big bubble nest under it.... goofball!!!
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